Back To School Read Alouds

Stopping by with a peek inside my back to school read aloud list!
Who does not love Pete The Cat?  It’s just like the song… students will love and easy to add movements!
Monsters who go to school for the first time!  Super funny and a great book about making good choices at school!
A fun book to read to talk about what they did to get ready for school and talking about all the things students will learn in kindergarten!  Reinforces days of the week too!
LOVE these books!  Just like the traditional book but all about starting school!  Great for rhyming!
Another classic!  We just love reading these stories in kindergarten because it’s almost exactly how minders think themselves!
Another great book to talk about what we do in kindergarten.  Also to talk about the feelings people had (or are still having) about coming to school!)
I like this book because it explores some of the thematic topics and holidays we will learn about in school!
All kids love Ninjas!!!  It’s the start of school through the point of view of the ninja boy!  Super cute and funny to think about back to school from a ninja’s perspective!
This determined little pig is so determined to go to school!  But pigs don’t go to school.. or do they?  Kids will learn about compassion and accepting others who are different in this book!
A super fun poem book celebrating things that happen in school!  This one you will keep out and read a little bit all year!
More Pete the Cat (and my model who is my son).  This is his favorite book in my B2S library!  It’s repetitive and singsongy so it’s easy for him to remember!
This one is my favorite!  Simple one word pages that the kids will read again and again!
Another classic about getting ready for kindergarten (even the teacher!)
OK – I admit… I am not a fan of some of the traditional back to school books.  I won’t name names, but I like my books (especially this time of year) to be repetitious, bright, colorful, and not extremely long!
What books do you love for Back To School?  

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