Valentines Hearts Counting Printables

Can you feel the love in the air? Well, we certainly do feel the love, love for math that is, and to celebrate that love we are sharing a set of lovely Valentines Hearts Counting printables.

Valentines Hearts Counting Printables

Ready to start counting all the hearts? We sure are!

You will find three worksheets in this love filled free valentines hearts counting printable set.

First worksheet features a set of 10 hearts. One set of hearts features hearts with numbers in them, from 1 to 5. The other set of hearts has the numbers written down as words from one to five. Kids are asked to match the numeric value with words.

Second worksheet features a set of 10 hearts. One set has numbers from 1 to 5. The other set has the numeric value represented with dots. Kids are asked to count the dots and match the dots with numbers.

Third worksheet features groups of hearts. Kids are asked to compare the two groups of hears in a row and color the group that has more hearts. We can all agree coloring makes math way more fun. You can even have the kids cut the rows before solving the exercises.

These simple exercises are great both for learning the numbers from 1 to 5 and to master counting.

All of these printables can be colored in once solved!


You can use this set of learning printables both in the classroom or at home.

Grab this set of valentine hearts counting printables here.

We do recommend you laminate this set of printables as this will make them more durable. The students can then use dry erase markers to solve them. You will find this is especially useful if you plan to use this resource in the classroom as it can be used for years to come.

Valentine Printable

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