Veterans Day in Kindergarten

It’s Veterans Day in Kindergarten. It is so important to honor our veterans and teach kids about them.   Here are some ideas to use with your little learners to help them understand Veterans Day. Grab the free printable Veterans Day hearts!

This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

We always start with some good books and this topic is a little tricky to find books for.  So here are a few recommended books:

Dad Hero - a great book for Veterans Day.

Dad Hero by Melinda Hardin – This is a great story that compares a soldier, who is the dad, to a superhero.  The sentences are simple and the story is very powerful. I highly recommend this book.

Hero Mom - a great book for Veterans Day for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

Hero Mom by Melina Hardin – Same as above, but the mom is the main character.  LOVE these books.


Veterans:  Heroes in Our Neighborhood by Aaron Anderson – I love this book. It starts off with a class welcoming members of the community who are veterans into their classrooms.  Each person who visits gets to talk about what they did as a soldier and what they do now in the neighborhood.  This is a very appropriate kindergarten book that is told all through rhymes.

This is such a good unit to use real photos with.  Especially our Nonfiction Veterans Day Readers with Activities.  Each page talks about different things veterans face or deal with and have a matching real photo.  All of the topics are kindergarten-appropriate and really help explain why we celebrate our veterans with a special day.  Click here to see more.

From there it is fun to make something, isn’t that the best part when you are a kindergartener.  Click here to see more!

You can always, of course, just do them as a craft too. They are made with the kindergartener in mind so the cuts are easy and there is not too many pieces to assemble and prep.

We also found some fun songs for Veterans Day!

Veterans Day by PBS Learning (1:16)

This is a quick snippet all about Veterans Day.  It’s a great intro to your study!

The Poppy Song for Kids by Kidboomers (1:14)

This is a fun, catchy little song to help kids learn to say thank you to our veterans.

A Veterans Day Message by Sesame Street (0:59)

A great little message about how Veterans Day is not just about veterans but their families too!

You’re A Grand Old Flag by Kidboomers (1:48)

What better time to teach your students about patriotism and our flag.  This song goes super slow so the kids can easily catch on!

Star Spangled Banner by Kidboomers (1:26)

Another great patriot song that is nice and slow for your students to easily learn.

Every year we also do this big community project to honor the veteran and those currently serving in the military.  We send home these hearts and the families fill them out so that every person who is serving or has served has a heart on our campus.  I send home a couple and ask families to tell me if they need more.  (There are always some who need lots).  It’s great to see the campus overflowing with these hearts. Get them below!

Have your community fill out these free hearts during Veterans Day. They will create a great display of the military connects your students have.

We also incorporate some writing by making a card thanking a veteran.  These are great to put in a writing center or do as a class after reading one of those great books.  

Free Veterans Day Card - Use this activity with your preschool, kindergarten, or first grade students.

Free printable Veterans Day Hearts

Get your free printable Veterans Day hearts inside Simply Kinder + Free Printable Membership here!

What do you do for Veterans Day?  How do you talk about it with your preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students?

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