What Should My Teacher Be for Halloween: Writing Activity

Have you ever wondered what your students would choose for your Halloween costume if given the option? Tap into your students’ imaginations and ideas by allowing them the opportunity to “dress” their teacher for Halloween. Students will enjoy getting you ready for the holiday through a FREE What Should My Teacher Be for Halloween writing activity!

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Brainstorming Costumes Ideas

There are endless costumes ideas that students could create for you so let their imaginations run wild. This freebie includes 2 brainstorming organizers so you can make this activity work in many ways for your students.

You can brainstorm as a whole group on the large brainstorming bubble. Tracing this template onto large chart paper gives you more space for more brainstorming. This large organizer would also be a helpful vocabulary chart when completing the writing portion.

Students could work independently or in small groups to complete the brainstorming bubble web. There are 6 bubbles, so this is an ideal option for helping students keep their ideas organized on individual bubbles.

These are ideas of how to use these organizers in your class, but you know your students best.

What Should My Teacher Be for Halloween Templates

There are 4 writing templates to choose from in this freebie set. You can differentiate to meet the needs of each student with the various templates.

The traceable format is suitable for beginning writers or students who may need extra support when writing complete sentences. They can use the brainstorming web to assist them with writing their costume idea in the sentence.

Two templates provide lines for students to write their costume idea sentences. There is one with handwriting lines and one without. You can give your students a sentence starter when working with these templates or allow them to write their own complete sentences.

The last template would be great for challenging writers. Students can state their costume idea and provide 3 reasons to support their opinion.

Decorating the Teacher

The best part about this activity is that students get to design their costume on a body template included on the writing pages. Students can express their creativity through writing and illustrating.

You can include a picture of yourself for students to add to the body or students can draw your head on the template. This activity is as low prep as you would like it to be.

Activity Extensions:

  • Add some spooky read alouds before and after completing the activity.
  • Randomly choose a costume idea and surprise students by showing up in costume.
  • Allow students to share their costume idea writing pieces with the class.
  • Create a graph of costume ideas.

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