Winter Writing Prompts For Kindergarten

Our fun winter writing prompts are a must-have for the season. Perfect for Kindergarten and first grade. Make writing fun with our cute worksheets and list of story starters. . Click over to snag your FREE printable.

Looking for a fresh new activity that will get your Kinders writing? Our winter writing prompts will do the trick. We’ve got lots of fun story starters to get those imaginative juices flowing. They are designed for students who are just starting to write, but we have included a page of story starters for children who are more advanced.


How is writing going in your class so far? Helping Kinders develop their writing skills is quite the task, isn’t it? They must go from tracing to letters to expressing complete thoughts in such a short amount of time.

Most kindergarten classes will introduce and practice three kinds of writing: opinion, informative, and narrative. Our winter prompts focus on narrative writing. Students will tell a story by describing an event. As they progress, they will be able to link together a sequence of events to tell a longer story.

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We recommend saving our writing prompts until later in the school year. Hopefully, by that point students have grasped the basic skills of writing.

  • How to hold a pencil.
  • Forming letters.
  • Writing a complete sentence

Once they have that knowledge under their belt, they are ready to write stories based on their own ideas and imagination. All students have stories to tell. We can help them do that. Writing stories helps the children learn how to organize their thoughts and use the written language to communicate with others.

We just need to provide lots of encouragement and opportunities to practice.

Some Winter Reads to Inspire Storytelling

Good books are a great way to encourage storytelling. They model good storytelling techniques and provide inspiration. Here are a few books that tell stories around a winter theme.

Winter Writing Prompts for Kinders

Most children love telling stories. The trick is to find topics that are meaningful to Kinders.

Winter has settled in here and the view out of the winter has a very frosty feel. The kids are skating on the community rink. A variety of snowmen model hats and scarves in front yards and I’ve noticed a number of forts popping up.

It seemed like a good time for some frosty themed writing pages. Our FREE winter writing prompts are the perfect way to get children writing in the next few months. You will find 4 pages with prompts and an extra page of story starters.

Use them in literacy centers or as a whole class activity. Send them home as homework or keep them aside for early finishers. You could also collate them into a classroom book.

Whether you are a teacher or a home-schooling parent, you will appreciate how easy this activity is to prepare. Just download, print and you are ready to go.

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Free Printable Writing Prompts

We designed our Writing Prompts for children just starting to write stories! Each worksheet has a writing prompt, space for an illustration, and a few writing lines. The idea is not to be visually overwhelming.

Children who are able to write longer stories could continue onto a second page.

There is also a bonus sheet of story starters included for experienced writers or older grades.

What Is in the Printable?

Our writing prompts invite students to write stories with a  winter theme. We design them to grab children’s imagination and encourage storytelling. Let’s show you what you find.

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The first page asks students to invent a magical snow creature. Their creature must be named and magical powers invented! Then they can describe the creature and draw a picture. You might want to brainstorm some adjectives that your students can use. Here are some ideas.

  • Glittery
  • Frosty
  • Tiny
  • Cold
  • Friendly
  • Icy
  • White
  • Huge
  • Sparkling
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The second page is for students who are ready to write short stories. The writing prompt suggests that their snowman has come to life. Children have to imagine what they would do together. There is space for an illustration and a few lines where the children can write their story.

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The third page is a similar format. This open-ended writing prompt encourages students to think about what kind of magic spell the Winter Fairy would cast. What would they become? What might happen?

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The fourth page is a blank page, so that students can write a Winter story of their choosing. They must give it a title. Again, there is space for an illustration and a few lines where the children can write their story.

The last page has 10 winter story prompts. Some of them are imaginative and others encourage students to describe something.

Using The Winter Story Prompts

Our free Winter writing prompts are perfect for Kindergarten students who are starting to develop their writing skills. Older students can choose a story prompt and write something longer if they wish. They may also come up with some ideas of their own.

You might also use the prompts during circle time. You start the story off by reading one of the story starters, then invite students to add onto the story one sentence at a time. It is always fun to see where these kinds of stories go.

Story prompts are perfect for journal writing, writing centers, and can be sent home as a fun family project.

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Another writing project your students might enjoy is creating comic strips. It is an alternate form of storytelling and is a lot of fun. Provide kids with a simple blank comic strip and give them a story prompt. You can find instructions and comic strip templates here.

Your Turn

How do you encourage your Kinders to write? What kinds of stories do they like to tell? Please share a comment below.

winter writing prompts
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