New Years Videos for Kids

Celebrate the New Year with your kindergarten students with these teacher approved videos.

A new year is upon us and so we gathered a list of Teacher Approved New Years Videos for Kids.  Whether you are celebrating at home with your own family, or a Noon Year celebration at school when it is in session, these videos will help you set the tone! (They were hard to find too, there are not many out there!)

This resource works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Happy New Year by PlayKids (2:07)

I love this little song.  It talks about all the fun things the little character did during the year from traveling to learning her letters. “It took some time to learn my letters but now I am a rising start!”  LOVE IT!”

Celebrate New Years with your students by having a Noon Years Celebration! Students will love this New Year Hat!

I love how proud that video makes your students feel.  They also feel super proud when they make and wear hats!  They sort of go hand in hand!  

Or you can Click here to check it out on TpT.

Teacher Approved list of New Years Videos for Kids from Simply Kinder

Auld Lang Syne by Mother Goose Club (2:23)

You know the song, but here it is with a simple tune for the kids to sing. The images go through different countries and end with the clock striking midnight with fireworks!  CLICK HERE to watch it.

Auld Lang Syne by Children Love To Sing (4:02)

If you want the actual lyrics to the song, this is your best bet!

New Years Song from Kidboomers (1:25)

A little rhyme to get your kids moving and talking about the new year.

Happy New Year Song (na, na, na, na, na) by Joyce Paultre (2:20)

“The old year is out, the new year is in.  Throw your hands in the air like you are in Time Square!”  Love it.  And it has a catchy tune the kids can catch onto quick!

Countdown to the new year with this Countdown Ball! Students will put stars, trace the numbers, and then countdown to the new year from 20!

Now it is time to countdown to the new year. ¬†Students will love making this countdown ball and sliding their numbers down to the new year from 20. ¬†(It’s a great lesson in counting backward from 20!) ¬†Click here to check it out.


It’s Almost Midnight 2018 Countdown (16:29)

This is a super quick countdown from 10 to 0 followed by Auld Lang Syne (perfect for celebrating Noon Year).  The whole video is all fireworks so you can play what you want and then close it down when your class has moved on.

What do you do for New Year’s with your students? ¬†Do you talk about celebrating the previous year and making resolutions? ¬†It lends itself to so many great reading, writing, and math activities your kindergarten, preschool, and first-grade students will love. ¬†Our Noon Year – New Year’s Activities has so many other great lessons, reflections, and fun that your students will love. Click here to see everything included.

Teacher Approved list of New Years Videos for Kids from Simply Kinder
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