Words Ending in CK: Free Activities For Kinders

Students will enjoy these activities that practice CK digraphs. We are targeting words ending in CK. Perfect for literacy centers, early finishers and to send home for extra practice. Click through to download the free printable.

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We all know that reading and writing are important skills for children to master. Children learning these skills need lots of practice. Once a child can read CVC Words it is time to learn more complicated word structures. Blends and digraphs are the next steps.

Our free printable activities give your Kinders the opportunity to practice reading and writing words ending in ck. These activities are fun, engaging, and most importantly effective. Your students are going to love practicing their ck words with our interactive game and worksheets!

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What are Digraphs?

A digraph is a combination of two letters to create one sound. A digraph can contain vowels or consonants. Here are some examples of consonant digraphs

  • ch as in bunch
  • sh as in dish
  • th as in tooth
  • wh as in what
  • ck as in sock

Consonant digraphs are often at the start or end of words. Our game focuses on the digraph ck at the end of words.

The sound made by digraphs like ck is different than the sounds of each letter blended. This means they cannot be sounded out by letter. Consequently, they are a little trickier to master. Students sometimes have difficulty hearing and reading digraphs like the ck sound in words like “clock” or “peck”.

The good news is that there are some fun activities you can do with your Kinders to help them practice these words ending in ck.

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12 Words ending in CK

We are targeting the following 12 words ending in CK. Duck, clock, neck, truck, stick, brick, back, puck, sock, sack, peck, and sick.

Let’s take a closer look at what you will get in the printable.

Free Printable Activities to Practice the CK Digraph

ck word activity

1. CK Words Learning Mats

This game consists of two mats. The first mat contains pictures of our 12 words ending in ck. The second mat provides the matching ck words. We’ve created the file in both color and black and white.

Simply download, print onto cardstock, and laminate for durability. Then cut apart the picture mat into separate cards.

Provide students with a copy of the word mat and a set of picture cards. Shuffle the cards. Invite students to look at each picture in turn and say the name aloud. Direct them to find the matching word and place the picture on top until the mat is filled.

If you prefer you can also play this game the opposite way and cut out the words. Here, students would read the word then find its corresponding picture.

The best part about these activity mats is that they’re simple! They are a great way for children to practice ck words. This makes them perfect for students who are just starting with ck words or for those who are struggling and need extra practice.

Click on the download button below to snag your own set of ck learning mats today!

This activity is perfect for literacy centers and can be used by individuals or students working in pairs. 

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Invite children to pick a word and write a sentence that includes that word. Older children could try writing a story that uses more than one word.

Send children on a word hunt to find more words ending in ck. They could make little books to record the words.

Cut up apart both ck learning mats and use them as a memory game. Students must match words and pictures.

worksheets with words ending in ck

2. Cut, Paste, Trace and Match Worksheets

This cut and paste activity also helps children practice ck words. Students seem to enjoy cutting and pasting activities as they are more engaging than just writing.

This NO PREP activity is a FUN and effective way to practice ENDING CK Words! First students trace and read ck words. Then match them to the correct picture, which is pasted in place. Use them in literacy centers, independent and morning work, or homework! Just download, print and you are ready to go. Each of the 3 worksheets covers 4 ck words.

Use them in literacy centers, independent work, or send them home for extra practice! If you’re looking for an easy activity to help your students practice ck words, then this is it! Just download, print and you are ready to go. Use the download button below!

Other Resources to Help Teach Ck Words

Fun Videos

Use these videos for brain breaks or to continue the learning.

Free Printable Resources

activities with ck words
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