Writing Center Ideas for Kindergarten

Looking for writing center ideas for kindergarten? Vocabulary writing centers are an excellent addition to your literacy rotations this school year. They’re low-prep, easy to manage, provide opportunities for student choice and can be differentiated to meet the needs of your students (the cute themes also deserve a mention). Keep reading for ideas on how to implement these easy to use centers in your classroom.

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Prepping Vocabulary Writing Centers

There are many options for the word bank writing centers.  A great idea would be to choose a seasonal theme that rotates every 3 weeks. First, pick 4-5 activities from each word bank theme and print a set of word bank cards along with the word bank strips. 

Display the word bank cards on string with bright clips and keep a collection of word bank strips on a binder ring for students to reference. All of these items are laminated. 

Anchor charts displaying skills that you have covered or that need reviewing are hung above the writing center for students to reference.

The writing center includes many tools for the students:

  • Colored Pens, markers, pencils, and crayons
  • Scissors, glue, and staplers
  • Buckets organizing the different paper options for the writing center
  • Flexible seating

Managing the Center

As with everything else in a classroom, procedures are important when implementing the word bank centers. There are 7 activities for each word bank theme. Pick 4-5 options that students can choose from over the 3 weeks. 

Highlight the choices on the theme posters for students to see the options . 

Have enough copies of each activity so that all students could choose any option.  Place each activity in its own bucket so students can easily access the materials. 

Students visit the writing center once a week during their weekly literacy rotations.  They choose one activity each week over the course of 3 weeks.  Themes are swapped out at the end of 3 weeks. 

These centers could easily be swapped out on a weekly basis or over a longer period of time depending on how often your students will visit the writing center in a week.

Differentiation and Student Choice

These word bank centers make it easy to differentiate and offer student choice. 

Each theme offers 7 writing activities that can be tailored to your students’ abilities.  Label the picture, Make a List and Write It are 3 choices to utilize at the beginning of the year or for students who may need more support at the writing center.  

Write A Letter, Write A Book , Write A Story and Write A Book are choices to add in as you move through the year and introduce skills.  They are also excellent options for students who need more substance at the beginning of the year. 

Students love having different options and getting to choose which activity they want to complete each week when they visit the writing center. 

If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut or your students aren’t engaged, check out the year long vocabulary writing center bundle. You won’t be disappointed!

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