Have you ever read Yuck Soup by Joy Cowley?
It’s a great little book about some monster looking characters who make Yuck Soup!  They eat tires and all sorts of disgusting things!  The kids get a kick out of it this time of year.
I love tying activities to book and so we make our own Yuck Soup every year.  We actually call it “Kindergarten Soup!”
I send home a letter and ask each child to bring in their own item to contribute to the soup.  Everything must be prepackaged and not opened!  Each year I get different items and so it’s never quite the same!
Each person pours into the soup what they brought.  We say the pattern of the book “In goes some…”
Then we mix it up.
And serve up our snack!
We follow up by making this fun class book that matched the Joy Cowley version!
Each person documents what they brought and we assemble it into a book!
Sometime when I make these class books I will have the kids not color the pages.  I will collect them, copy a version for each student, and then send home to color.  This way the families can read the book at home and we can enjoy the original in class!
This Yuck Soup activity is a freebie at Simply Kinder on TpT!
This makes a great alternative to Halloween and also a great activity for Thanksgiving because it’s about sharing!