ABC’s of Your Class Freebie & Kid Snippets!

Just stopping by today with two great things to share with you.
First that I redid my ABC’s of Your Class and it is amazing!  (Very proud!)  Now not only does it look this great but it is editable!  I love this because it is completely customizable to any grade, any teacher or school!  It’s a great thing to get ready over the summer for Back to School or Meet the Teacher Night!  {And did I mention it’s free?}
Click here to get your freebie!
<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img alt=”Freebie Fridays” 
I also wanted to share these fun videos with you.  I am obsessed with them!  Have you seen them?
You know you have a student like this!
“In 5 minutes it will be broken all the way.”  “Your bone is crackded.”   A sot?
How to make a wainbow!
“I forget in two minutes or less of someone changing the topic.”  LOL.
And don’t forget about our promotion going on through June 15th!  20% off by using code FREE20!  Here is a link to their kindergarten section which has many great shirt choices!  Here’s a few of my favorites:
That’s all for now!  We are off to camp for the weekend.


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I am so glad to find someone as obsessed with KidSnippets as I am–LOVE; if I am having a down day I take two Snippets and I’m OK! HA! I also use some of them as a positive incentive for my class-it take once or twice, but when they get it they love it and ask for them constantly.