Valentine’s Day Mailbox Family Project Freebie!

I love doing Family Projects and Valentine’s Day Mailbox is no exception!  So each year I have my families create their boxes at home as a family and I get some pretty amazing mailboxes for our celebration!

Included in this freebie is 7 color samples of projects I have received in the past as well as 2 letters (one for Valentine’s Day and one for Friendship Day!)
As a family they create a Mailbox for to collect their Valentines!  Really the only stipulation is they leave a slot big enough for the cards and candies to go be delivered and removed!

Click here or any of the pictures above to get your freebies!

I LOVE this! I have a few favorite “family projects” but the Valentine’s Box is definitely in my top 3! Right now our family project is to create something to wear w/100 of something on it! The kids are so excited about sharing their creations…7 more school days!

“How about them apples?”