100th Day of School Ideas

The 100th day of school is so much fun in kindergarten! Outfits, activities, games, snacks- SO many great ideas to make the day memorable! That’s why we’ve teamed up with some incredible teachers on our Simply Kinder Teacher Group Facebook page to bring you the BEST 100th-day ideas. Keep reading for some inspiration and a free scavenger hunt printable at the bottom!

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100th Day Ideas:

Yay, you’ve made it through 99 days of school! This calls for a celebration! But if you’re looking for some new and exciting ideas, we’ve got you covered. Our Simply Kinder Teacher Group on Facebook is always FULL of great tips and ideas! This post has tons of creative and unique things to do with students on the 100th day. Here are a few:

100 Days Brighter/Glow Day

A lot of teachers choose to use the phrase “100 Days Brighter” instead of the typical 100th day theme. It’s a lot of fun and can go in multiple directions. Several teachers commented that they would be following this and having a glow party in class! Using glow sticks, turning the lights out, using neon tape and paint, stacking 100 neon cups, etc. Some parents even send in backlights to help with the whole glow effect! If you’re going to be doing 100 days brighter, you will love this FREE hat printable. Click here to read more and download it for your class!

Fun 100th Day Shirts:

Some teachers choose to have their students dress as a “100-year-old” but in recent years it’s been switched to shirts with 100 items on them! This is a fun project you can either do in class with your students or send a note home to parents. The possibilities are endless! Johanna with Simply Kinder made the shirts above with dollar tree items like pom poms, buttons, bug stickers, and cheap t-shirts for her kindergarten son and his friends. You can freestyle handwrite, use a Cricut machine, or use stencils for the words as well.

Teachers- don’t forget about yourselves! There are tons of examples in this post on our Simply Kinder Teacher Group Facebook page for students AND teachers to wear! Check out just a couple of these amazing teacher examples that were posted. (Shared with permission.) Then make sure to click here to see all the other examples if you still need some inspiration.

Scavenger Hunts

Kindergarteners LOVE scavenger hunts! They get to get up and move, search for things, and use critical thinking-it’s great for their age group. Pair it with another favorite of theirs, candy, with this fun candy kisses 100 search! You can download a 100 chart here to go along with it!

Want even more items for your students to search for? Great! We created a FREE scavenger hunt printable for you to use this 100th day! You can choose to do it all in your classroom, take a mini walk through the school and playground, look for the items in books-whatever works best for you. Just have them check mark each item as they find them. Grab the download at the bottom and enjoy the pure joy on their faces as they find 100 different things!

Other Misc. 100th Day Ideas:

  • Thankful Hearts: We just LOVE this idea posted in our Teacher Group. She has her class each writes things they are thankful for on hearts, to equal out 100. Then she hangs them on the bulletin board for everyone to see. It’s a sweet, positive display that also doubles as a Valentine’s Day board. Win-win!
  • Snack/Trail Mix: Another great tip is to ask parents to each send in different small snack items. Things like fruit loops, M&M’s, cheerios, nuts (obviously only if your class is allergy free!), chocolate chips, etc. Each student counts out 10 of each snack item until they get to 100 and then they have their own trail mix. Yummy!
  • 100 Item Show & Tell: Multiple teachers posted that they send home ziplock baggies or brown lunch sacks with a note asking each student to bring in 100 of any item. Then they share with the rest of the class. It would be interesting to see what creative ideas they come up with!
  • Themes: Want something even more different? One teacher does a pirate theme and searches for hidden treasure. Another does a construction theme and they “build to 100.” A fun idea posted was to “rock out” on the 100th day and dress like rock stars! Do you have any other themed ideas? Add it to the post here!

Educational Activities

If you want to make sure your admin team is still impressed on the 100th day, make sure to grab our bundle of 100th-day activities that will align with your standards! You’ll find writing, sorting, counting, vocabulary words, and so much more! Don’t worry though, the students will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize it’s work. Click here to get the whole bundle now!


Now that you have some fresh ideas in mind to celebrate the 100th day of school, it’s time to grab your free scavenger hunt printable! All you have to do is enter your information below and the freebie fairy will fly that right over to your inbox! Already an email subscriber? Great! Just enter your information below too and you’ll get that sent right over. Even better, if you’re a member of Simply Kinder +, you can download it instantly without ever having to enter your information! Head here to find out more!

Get all the 100th day of school ideas you need to celebrate!! We have snacks, shirt designs, even a free scavenger hunt printable download!

This post was written by Johanna, an experienced early elementary teacher who loves learning about new teaching ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

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