19 Kindergarten Videos That Practice Sight Words

Are you looking for some fun Kindergarten videos to help you practice sight words? Use them in your classroom to help supplement your literacy program! Teacher approved and kid tested. Perfect for brain breaks and energetic learners. Click through to see our list.

These engaging sight word videos and activities will get students pumped about learning. Sight words are fundamental to early learning reading skills and since they don’t follow a reading pattern, repetition is a great way to teach them in your classroom!

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Teaching sight words is a topic that comes up quite regularly in the Simply Kinder Teacher’s Facebook group. It doesn’t matter if you love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all end up teaching sight words.

As you know, sight words are a set of basic words that occur frequently in reading and writing.  Our students can sound out many of these words, but that really slows down the reading process. When students start recognizing sight words, fluency levels rise. This leads to an increased level of success in their reading and that motivates them to continue to read.

There is really only one way to learn those sight words and that is to practice them often. It really helps to provide a variety of sight word activities to keep things fresh and fun. That is why we have gone out of our way to create many different resources for you to use.

Check out our Ultimate List Of Sight Word Activities

One of the most popular tools mentioned by teachers in the Facebook group are sight word videos. Teachers report that using videos have really helped their students pick up the words.

Why Use Kindergarten Videos to Teach Sight Words?

There are several benefits that come from using videos in the kindergarten classroom.

Videos are easily accepted by students

Our students are pat of the online generation.  Many of them will enjoy screen time outside the classroom. This screen time is something they value, so they will probably view a video positively. That attitude really helps when it comes to learning!

kindergarten Videos Engage learners

Anything on a screen immediately engages learners and grabs their attention. Too much isn’t a good idea, but a 4-minute video is the one thing that will engage your entire class instantly. It is a secret weapon, so use it well!

Videos make great brain breaks

Brain breaks are short formal rests from instruction. Many of the videos in our list  encourage the kids to move. A quick video helps students take a break, do something fun, and helps get them ready to refocus on the task at hand.

While there are good reasons to use videos, it must be emphasized that they are just one teaching tool. You should use Kindergarten videos as part of a comprehensive sight word strategy.

19 Kindergarten Videos that Will Help You With Sight Words

When it comes to Kindergarten videos, you want to make sure you have a list of them ready to go. So we’ve gathered 19 sight word videos that are designed for Kindergarten classrooms. All videos are designed by educators and produced by professionals. Many of the songs add movement, so you can use them as brain breaks. They are all available for free on YouTube!

Thanks to all  the teachers on our Facebook page who shared their favorite videos. You helped build this awesome list!

Jack Hartman

Jack Hartmann has a BA in Child Psychology. His videos aim to make learning fun through high quality music.  Jack’s songs are teacher approved and very engaging. They have a catchy beat that kids love and include fun movements. Here are some of our favorites.

Learn the sight words an, at, be, we, to, the, is, it, and, are, you and in with this fun video

This one covers the words for, by, as, of, he, she, was, with, but, can, I and a

Another video that introduces How, had , there, their, they, were, have, from, each, word, and when.

One more that covers like “and”, “but”, “me”, “you”, and more.

Heidi Butkus

The videos by Heidi Butkus are highly recommended by the Simply Kinder Facebook community. Heidi believes that learning can be fun and Heidi uses a classroom tested method that encourages learning.

The videos use a combination of music and movements to teach the words! This allows children use all of their senses at once as they learn and practice the words. Kids love these videos.

This song practices the word And

This song explores the word Under

Here is the Say song

We will finish this section with the Do song

Jack Hartmann and Jan Richardson

Dr Jan Richardson is an education consultant, reading specialist, and former classroom teacher. Her vision is to equip teachers with effective techniques to help every student become avid readers. Jack Hartmann and Jan Richardson collaborated on a video project to teach sight words. It is their stated hope these songs make learning sight words a joy.

Each video teaches how to read and spell a particular sight word. The following videos use words from Jan Richardson’s Level A sight word list.

The Am song

Here’s one that teaches the word Like

Another one for the word Can

Finally the word Is

Meet the sight words

These videos are produced by the award winning Preschool Prep Company. Their goal is introduce basic concepts to young learners. Here are some of their Meet The Sight Words videos.

Let’s meet the word If

How about the word Play?

Don’t forget the word For

And finally the word You


These are a few videos that look like fun.

Rock n learn Sight Words Level 1 covers the words you I, we, can, make, funny, get, and face.

Rock n learn Sight Words Level 1 introduces the words up, down, come, go, in and out

Lots of Kinders love Peppa Pig, so I had to include the following video

SO that is our list. We hope that you find it useful.

Your Turn

We would like to continue to add to this list. What sight word videos do you use with your Kindergarten class? Please add your suggestions to the comments below.

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