Gingerbread Exchange Sign Ups

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It’s  Gingerbread Exchange time again!


It’s that time of year, the Simply Kinder Gingerbread Exchange.  In a nutshell, your class will make gingerbread people and write letters or stories about them.  You will package them up and mail them to a partner teacher as a class set.  Your partner classroom will do the same.  So you will both receive a classroom set of gingerbread people and letters from the other class!

Here is how the Gingerbread Exchange will work:

  1. NEW THIS YEAR:  Partnering will be done in our exclusive Facebook Group. Please read the pinned post and find your partner there.
  2. Connect with your partner classroom teacher via email.  You can customize your project with your partner teacher directly if you wish!  YOU MUST CONTACT THEM before your mail out your projects.  Be sure they are participating and verify address are correct.  Simply Kinder is not able to send you backup gingerbread people if your partner class does not pull through.
  3. Make your gingerbread people.  Get creative and make them amazing!  Glitter, spices, and bows – the possibilities are endless!  Please make the number to gingerbread people requested so that each student in your partner classroom will get a gingerbread person to keep!  Because of this, you may need to make some extras.  Click here to download the free templates from Simply Kinder on Teachers Pay Teachers.Free Gingerbread Man templates from Simply Kinder.
  4. Have your students write letters or stories to match their gingerbread people.  Or you can do a class letter/story.  If you get a class letter, I would suggest copying it so each student can take a gingerbread and letter home to keep!
  5. Mail your gingerbread people to your partner classroom by December 1st.  I like to do class sets so you can put all the gingerbread people and letters/stories in one envelope to save on shipping.
  6. Receive your gingerbread people and letters for your class.  The goal is for each student to keep a letter and a gingerbread person!  Be sure to post pictures and use the hashtag #SIMPLYKINDER and share them in the Simply Kinder Facebook Group!
Free Gingerbread Man templates from Simply Kinder.
Want to see some examples?  Click here to check out last year’s exchange photos.
Are you ready to sign up for the 2017 exchange?  Click here to join our exclusive Facebook group for partnering. (Please give us some time to approve you!
If you have any questions, please comment below and we can answer them for you!

The Simply Kinder Facebook Group has several community projects each year, so if you are an early childhood teacher please join us.  Sign up below and we will email you when our next project launches.




  1. Ginger

    Queation… I know this is a kinder platform but is there anyway an older class can participate maybe as a big brother or big sister class. I teach 4th and I think my kids would love writing and getting letters from kinders…

  2. Ashley Church

    I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th grade special needs students. My kids are cognitively between kindergarten and 1st grade which is why I joined the group. Can I sign my class up to do this awesome project or is it strictly just kindergarten kids?

    • Jennifer @ Simply Kinder

      We would love to have you join our exchange! We may partner you up with a grade other than kinder though. =)

  3. Kevin Collins

    Is there still time to sign up? My kiddos would LOVE to participate! (as well as a couple of my colleagues) Thanks!!

  4. Linda

    This is so fun Jen! I just started planning my gingerbread unit and my class will LOVE this! Thank you for organizing this!

  5. Sarah

    Oh Boo. Let me know if you have space for 1 more (mini group of 22) ha ha! Sounds fun! Thanks!!

    • Jennifer @ Simply Kinder

      So sorry Sarah.. I did not realize the system I used to collect entries had a number limit on it. So I moved it over to Google Docs and you can now sign up again!


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