Free Printable Christmas Book to Inspire Your Kinders

Use our FREE printable Christmas book and get your Kindergarten students excited about writing! Includes prompts to encourage students to write and draw. Students can make their own to take home or work together to make a class book. This activity is perfect for the festive season and is suitable for kindergarten and first grade.

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The festive season can be a challenging time for teachers. It can be hard to motivate students excited about Christmas, but they must keep practicing their writing skills.

The best way to inspire your Kinders at this time is to give them something fun and engaging to do. Our free printable Christmas writing book will help you do just this!

Download your copy today and get your students excited about writing their very own book. We’ve included some tips on using the free printable, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy using them just as much as your students do. And the best part? Just download and print! It is effortless!

Close up of pages from the free printable Christmas book

Inside the Free Printable Christmas Book

This book is an excellent resource for young writers and their teachers. It offers simple writing activities and prompts that are perfect for children learning to put together their first sentences. The simple exercises and prompts will help your students develop their skills in no time!

the title pages

You will find the following pages in the printable

  • A title page with pictures. Print it on white paper, so students can color in the pictures. If you prefer, you can use some colored paper to make it unique!
  • An invitation to draw and write about Christmas decorations.
  • An invitation to record the activities they enjoy most.
  • Two pages for Christmas tree activities. First, students write about where they place their tree and then list the decorations that go on it. The second page invites them to draw a picture of their Christmas tree.
  • Finally, there is a page where we invite students to talk about their favorite Christmas snacks. After all, who doesn’t love Christmas snacks?

There are many ways to use this free printable Christmas book. Use the pages at writing centers or keep them for youngsters who complete their work early. You can send them home or keep them for a special class project. Don’t worry if you don’t want to make books. Just use one or two pages for writing exercises. We’ve kept them black and white for those without access to a color printer.

This book is a great way to get the kids to write and practice their skills during this time of year. There is no better feeling than seeing your kindergartener’s excitement when they finish their page!

My favorite things to do at Christmas page

Making The Christmas Writing Books


  • The Christmas writing book download
  • White copy paper (inside pages)
  • Writing and art supplies
  • File folders
  • Printer
  • Stapler
  • Colored copy paper for title pages (optional)
free printable Christmas writing book pin

Using the Free Printable Christmas Writing books

I would recommend that you begin with some class brainstorming. Introduce the subject by reading some of your favorite Christmas books. Browse through our selection of multicultural holiday books.

After that, ask the students to talk about Christmas. Ask questions like

  • What do you know about Christmas?
  • In your opinion what is the best part about Christmas?
  • Can you describe some of the things do we do at Christmas?
  • What holiday traditions do your family have?

Continue the discussion by brainstorming a list of winter words. You might ask

  • What words do we use to describe Christmas?
  • What does Christmas smell/ look/taste/feel like?

Use a whiteboard or chart to write the words. Arrange them according to categories if necessary. Leave the whiteboard where your students can easily see it, so they can use the words when writing.

My Christmas tree writing page

A Simple Way to Create the Books

  • Make a separate folder for each child.
  • Have the students work on and complete the pages.
  • File the completed pages in the appropriate file folder.
  • You can make the books once you are finished writing. Invite children to create a cover or print the cover pages we provided. Have the children arrange the pages in the order they prefer. Place the cover on top and secure the pages with staples.

It would be great if the children could share their finished books. Do this in small groups or with partners to make it easier for the kids who are a bit shy!

Christmas treat writing page

Adding Other Pages

  • This post provides free Christmas story prompts that can also be used in a creative writing project. Pages from this post would make an excellent addition to your book!
  • You could also include some pages from our free letters to Santa printable.
  • If you want to make this an extended project, give your students some comic strips and have them create a Christmas comic to go in their books. You can find some comic book templates here.

We hope that you enjoy this free printable Christmas book and get some good use out of it. It can be a great way to engage your students in the holidays while also getting them writing. Download the free printable today—we hope you enjoy it as much as we did when creating it!

Your Turn

How do you get your students excited about writing in your classroom? Share your ideas below.

free printable Christmas Writing book
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