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Have you seen these Lakeshore Alphabet Learning Locks before? Our kids are LOVING them! So today we’re sharing our alphabet lock center and a free printable to go along with them!

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The set comes with 26 locks and 26 keys to open each one of the locks. On  each lock, there is a letter on one side and a picture with the beginning sound on the other side.

The learning locks help kids recognize uppercase & lowercase letters and explore letter sounds. The students simply choose a key and match it to the letter or picture on the lock–when they make a successful match, the key will turn and the lock will open for instant reinforcement!

We’ve created two different printables to go along with the centers to keep the students accountable for their center time.

Alphabet Locks Writing

Alphabet Lock Center

Have the students choose a lock and find the matching key. They will then find the matching lock on the printable and practice writing in the letter.

Alphabet Locks Match

Alphabet Lock Center

Have the students choose a lock and find the key that opens the lock. Next, have them record the letter on the lock and the key on the printable.

These locks are made well and have been holding up to a lot of play time! The keys come with a hole in them, so you can easily keep them all together by putting them on a key ring when storing them so nothing gets lost.

A few tips from our teachers:

  • don’t allow the students to lock them together
  • these are prefect for independent centers
  • store them in a bin with the key and locks together (to help not lose any keys)
  • keep the keys in a pencil bag (another idea)
  • pair them with an alphabet poster to lay the completed locks on it

You can pick these Alphabet Locks up on Amazon here, or at your local Lakeshore (which is always fun to go to!)

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Alphabet Lock Center

Do you have any other fun ways to use the alphabet locks in your classroom?




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  1. Betsy Brown

    I am so excited you made this product. We’ve had our locks and keys for about five years. The kinder-bears love them, but I always hoped I could take it a step further. Thank you for doing just that. As to other ways to use them, I have used them to match partners for centers or for pair/shares since we’re a Kagan school.


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