Free Printable CVC Short U Puzzles

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Free Printable CVC Short U Puzzles

We’ve covered all of our CVC words now, so I’m sharing the last set of the free printable CVC puzzles with you today, short u.

If you missed the other free printable CVC puzzles I’ve shared over the last few months, you can find the short a puzzles here, the short e puzzles here, the short i puzzles here, and the short o puzzles here.

These puzzles are a fun way for the students to review and practice their short u words. You can use them for your early/fast finishers or as a literacy center. I’ve included 2 of each of the following word families

-ub, -ud, -ug, -um, -un, -up and -ut

To Play

Download, print and cut the puzzles pieces. Laminating is suggested if you plan to use them over and over again with the students. To play, lay out all of the puzzle pieces and mix them all up on the table. Have the student choose one of the puzzle pieces.

free printable CVC short u puzzles

They will then try to find the word or picture that matches the piece they chose.

free printable CVC short u puzzles

You can start with just a few of the word families, and continue to add more puzzle pieces as the students learn more and now that I’ve shared all of the CVC word families, you can really differentiate for the students by adding additional word families to make it more difficult for them.

free printable CVC short u puzzles

To store the free printable CVC short u puzzles, they fit perfectly in small photo boxes from Michael’s, or even just in a sandwich baggie.

You can download the free puzzles below.



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  1. Nomsa

    Thank very much for the puzzles.They will ease my burden on how to teach these word families.


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