Red, White, and Blue Printable Game for Kids

Celebrate summer holidays with a red, white, and blue printable game for kids. We’re counting down to summer break with just a couple of weeks of school left, but I couldn’t wait to jump into summer activities here on the Simply Kinder website.

Red, White, and Blue Printable Game for Kids

I’m a huge fan of fall weather and winter holidays so summer activities aren’t always on my mind. I was already thinking ahead to fun fall crafts for kids…but then I came across these cute stars and couldn’t resist making a free printable to share with you!

Red, White and Blue Printable Game

Patriotic Tic-Tac-Toe Printable

Tic-tac-toe is a classic game and I think it makes the perfect summer activity. We try to get the kids off the screens and do something a little more hands-on during the summer months, including board games. Instead of pulling a game out of the cabinet, today I played tic-tac-toe with my youngest daughter using this free printable game board. She won.

red, white, and blue printable game

Classroom Play

Because this game board is easy to print (with all pieces on one page) this makes a great classroom game during the weeks leading up to patriotic holidays too! For a more stable game board, glue the printable tic-tac-toe game board to a piece of construction paper. Have kids play while others use tally marks to keep track of wins. Then switch so the scorekeepers become players and the players become scorekeepers. These pieces can also be laminated for use year after year!


Printable Game Board Instructions

  • Click the printable button below and download the file. Once you’ve saved the file to your computer you can print it.
  • Carefully cut the starts out along the dashed lines. Then cut out the game board.
  • Glue the game board to a piece of heavy paper for stability.
red, white, and blue printable game

As you can see there are only four stars per player. If you find that your game often ends up a tie you’ll need one more piece per player. Simply print a second copy and cut out more stars.

red, white, and blue printable game

Have fun with your red, white, and blue printable game, and enjoy your summer!



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