Free Printable CVC Short I Puzzles

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We’ve moved into practicing our short i words. I made these free printable cvc short i puzzles to help reinforce the words during our center time.

Free Printable CVC Short I Puzzles

These puzzles are helping the students reinforce our CVC words we’ve been learning. Their perfect for early finishers, centers or small groups.  There are twelve puzzles and include the following word families

-ib, -id, -ig, -in, -ip, -it

To Play

Print the puzzle piece on card stock. Cut and laminate them so they can be used over and over again. Have the student mix all the puzzle pieces together and choose one. They will look for the correct match.

CVC Short I Puzzles

The student chose the picture of the pig. Next, they’ll look through all of the puzzle pieces to find the word pig to create the match.

CVC Short I Puzzles

Have them choose another picture of word and find the correct match again until all of the puzzles have been put together. If the students haven’t learned all of the word families yet, only give them the puzzles they have learned so far and continue to add more and they grow.

CVC Short I Puzzles

You can download the free printable CVC short i puzzles below. Don’t forget to download the short a puzzles and short e puzzles too if you missed them.


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