Apple Alphabet Match Center

Back to School and apples go hand in hand. Why not start the year off right with this Free Apple Alphabet Match printable? Grab the free apple alphabet math center here! 

This activity works well with these resources:

Apple Alphabet Match comes with 26 different match-up cards, for every letter of the alphabet.

Getting Apple Alphabet Match Ready

After printing on cardstock, I recommend laminating so that you can reuse this center year after year. They will not take up much space and can easily be placed in a plastic container or Ziploc baggie for storage.

Free Printable Apple Alphabet Match

I find it easiest to first use a paper cutter to cut all of the pieces. You will be done in no time. After that, you are all ready to go. For storage, you can easily put the cards in a pencil case or plastic baggie.

Doing Apple Alphabet Match

First students will lay out all of the pieces on the floor or desk. This student chose an uppercase letter apple piece with the letter Jj.

I always ask my students to trace the letter with their fingers and say the name of it out loud.

She then searched through all of the puzzle pieces looking for the puzzle piece that had the lowercase Jj.

Free Printable Apple Alphabet Match

Once the two pieces are placed together, the puzzle is complete. This student pushed each completed puzzle piece to the side to allow for more space on her table.

Free Printable Apple Alphabet Match

Another way that this puzzle can be complete is to have your students place all of the uppercase apple name match-up pieces on the floor at once. They will then sort through the remaining puzzle pieces and place the correct lowercase letter with the uppercase letter.

And if you are learning about apples, you have to check out Simply Kinder’s video list about apples and the apple resources including apple life cycles and apple science!  Click here to see them all!

Teacher Approved Apple Videos for Kids

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