Teacher Approved Apple Videos

Apple Videos are here! Teach apple and fall with this ultimate list of teacher-approved APPLE videos! To engage and excite your young learners this fall. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first-grade students to learn more about the apple life cycle, orchards, Johnny Appleseed, and MORE! Get the entire list of Apple Videos here!

It does not really feel like Fall until you have taught apples in your classroom.  Apples are such a fun topic because it really is the first time for the school year you get to do a fun thematic unit where the kids get to integrate science and do some taste testing. It’s lots of fun.  And you all know how much I love to incorporate some quick and easy videos into my lessons – if we can’t bring the classroom outside into an apple orchard, we will bring the apple orchard into the classroom as much as we can.

This article works well with these Simply Kinder resources:

Teacher Approved Apple Videos for Kids

Planting an Apple Tree (5:17) – Harry Kindergarten

Mr. Harry (you know his first name is Pete right) tells a little story about planting two apple trees that his neighbor brought them.  The story is told through illustrations and actual videos and photos of his friend planting the tree.  Mr. Harry is a kindergarten teacher so he gets it – explaining how plants need five things to grow.  This video is just perfect once you have a little bit of a background with apples.

Apple Tree Life Cycle Animation (1:47) Life for Beginners

This is a super quick illustration of the life cycle of apples with no words, just a peaceful song.  This is great for the kids to really think about what is happening and it will really get them thinking about what they have learned.

Visiting an Apple Orchard (5:59)  Harry Kindergarten

Whether you have a trip planned to an apple orchard or not, this is a great video to share with your kiddos.  Follow along with Mr. Harry and his class to the apple orchard to learn everything from how they grow to all the fun things apples can make.

Johnny Appleseed (4:09) Cool School

I love this video.  It’s so simple and really breaks everything down like saying things like they did not have cars back then. My favorite is “nurseries are for baby trees.”   It covers the basic concepts of Johnny Appleseed and really does a great job of spiraling the key details throughout the video.

Five Apples Song (1:48) Kidboomers

This is a fun repetitive song that has the kids counting down from 5 to 0. Kids will love crunching and shaking the tree if you add some motions to it.

Way Up High in an Apple Tree (3:52) The Learning Station

This song is a must when learning about apples. It’s just a sweet, catchy tune that reinforces simple subtraction.

We have you covered with a fun book for your students to read too with these two easy-to-read stories.  Learn all about the apple life cycle and Johnny Appleseed and then color the pictures!  Send these books home so the kids can share with their families what they learned.  Click here to check them out!

Ten Apples Up On Top sung by Jason Mraz (2:25)

This is just a fun spin to one of our favorite apple stores Ten Apples On Top. Jason Mraz is good for the teacher’s soul.

And Simply Kinder has lots of apple resources to help you with your studies –  Apple Science, All About Apples Interactive Book, Johnny Appleseed Interactive Book, and Easy Apple Centers.

Teacher Approved Apple Videos for Kids
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