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Sep 24, 2016 | Fall, Freebies, Science, September | 2 comments

Simply Kinder loves hats and so we could not pass up the time of year for a Free Johnny Appleseed Hat!

Free Johnny Appleseed Hat Craft

The hat comes with several options.  First option is for both hats and that is to allow the kids to color or print the pieces onto color paper.  I give you the option with both hats so that way you can save paper and print multiple if printing on color paper.

You also have the option of hat styles.  Do you want a sentence strip hat?  These are easier to assemble; kids assemble the cook pot and put it right onto a fitted sentence strip.  (If you look closely you will see the sentence strip on the back.)

free johnny appleseed sentence strip hat

Second option is where you make the hat out of gray construction paper.  You can slice it to the depth of the pot that you desire and fit it around the students heads.  The kids will then attach the pot handle and apple.

free Johnny Appleseed sentence strip hat

You will notice too the handle between the two hats shown above.  You can either let the kids cut out that pot handle or color it in black on both hats.   So, you have lots of options in this free download.


If you are studying Johnny Appleseed, you will also love our Johnny Appleseed Easy Reader.  These readers tell the story in 6 simple to read pages (well, read together is what we mean as your students are most likely not reading sentences at this point in the game).

Johnny Appleseed Book for Kindergarten and First Grade

And if you really want to dig deeper into Johnny Appleseed, you will love our Johnny Appleseed Interactive Book shaped like his hat!  Each page is interactive, easy to read, and reinforces a concept about his life.  Kids will love reading the story and then glueing his hat down or

Johnny Appleseed Interactive Book with Craft Cover for Kindergarten or First Grade

You may also want some Books or Videos about Apples to use with your class.   We also have some Easy Apple Centers and this fun All About Apples Interactive Book exactly like the Johnny Appleseed book.  Oh and Apple Science – one of our favorite science units!

And I almost forgot the link to your Free Johnny Appleseed Hat templates.

Johnny Appleseed Interactive Book for Kindergarten and First Grade




  1. Patty Marple

    I can’t wait to use all of this with my special needs students 🙂

  2. Patti

    Thanks so much Jennifer. Your Johnny Appleseed idea is just adorable! I will love using it with my children.


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