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Are you looking for a simple and easy way to motivate your class? Is the treasure box driving you crazy?  Well, today we are giving those classroom stickers a huge upgrade by opening up a sticker store!

Have you ever met a kid who doesn’t love stickers?  Me neither! I personally have a slight obsession with stickers so when I saw this idea I knew I had to implement it. It’s so easy and affordable that I know it will be a great addition to your classroom as well.

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Kids LOVE stickers and they now come in a vinyl rubbery material that is so durable and waterproof. Students love sticking them on water bottles, notebooks, and really anywhere they are allowed. Come to find out, you can order these super durable stickers on Amazon in BULK for a super low price. Introducing… the sticker store!

The versatility and possibilities that playing with stickers brings for a child are endless. They are pretty and stimulating to look at, fun to peel, and fun to stick! We all know that kids love sticky things.  No matter the age group, stickers never become less fun. They are a way to express themselves and can be really motivating in your classroom.

So we threw out our treasure chest and are allowing students to visit our new sticker store instead.

There are so many fun ways to organize them.

Display them in a pocket chart. Display a limited number of stickers at one time so students are not overwhelmed. Replace stickers at the end of the week so each week there is a new selection.

Have a limited number on a movable tray. We like this way as well because it’s movable.

Have them in a container. Take what you get and dump it all in so students can pick through what you have. This is a fun clear bowl so students can see through from the sides as well and thumb through them.

It is always exciting to pick a sticker, but what do you do with them? Well, that’s something you will want to set some decisions about. For me, I ask them to put them in sticker books or take them home. At home, they can ask their family if they can use them on water bottles or whatever. But in class, they can put the stickers directly in their sticker book.

Do you still have some of those cute little blank notebooks from Bullseyes Playground?  Cut them in half, add a label on the front and start adding stickers!

Aside from just being super fun, they also have so many developmental benefits.  

  • Fine motor power house – encourage pincer grasp
  • Bilateral hand coordination – kids have to use the non-dominant hand to hold a sheet and peel with the other.  This helps with functions like zipping a coat and cutting.
  • Handedness – the act of peeling the stickers will encourage kids to use a dominant hand and supporting hand.
  • Increase hand strength – peeling the stickers can help build the small muscles in the hands and fingers

A few pro-teacher tips:

  • Go through the stickers before you put them out for students to ensure they are all appropriate.
  • Keep track of who gets stickers to make sure everyone is having a chance to be rewarded in your class.
  • Only put out a few stickers at a time to avoid overwhelm
  • Replace the empty slots each week to get students excited for the week.
  • Set the rule… stickers either go home or go in their sticker books. We don’t allow students to put them on items at school, families have to approve and help with that.

So simple, we found these bulk water bottle stickers on Amazon. They are rubbery, waterproof, and affordable, and the kids LOVE them outside of class so why not! (We ordered the set of 300 and they are fabulous!)

Whatever it is that bring you sticker joy, all the stickers will surely make you AND your students smile.

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