Beginning and Ending Sounds Clip Cards For Kindergarten

Do you need to create a simple literacy center to help your kindergarten students practice beginning and ending sounds? Our FREE sounds clip cards are easy to prepare and kinders love them. They are a great addition to your literacy tool kit. Keep scrolling to get your FREE download.

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beginning and ending sounds clip cards

I think clip cards are a great activity for kindergarten kids. There are so many variations and most young learners seem to really enjoy the game. This set practices phonemic awareness AND develops fine motor skills. Two skills in one activity. How’s that for a teacher win?

A Fun Way To Practice Isolating Beginning and Ending Sounds

We all want to see our students succeed in reading. So it is worth making sure that each child has mastered those pre-reading skills so that they have a strong foundation to build on.

Kinders that can isolate the sounds in a word and connect the sounds to letters are well on their way to becoming a reader. As with any skill, the children will benefit from plenty of practice.

Our beginning and ending sounds clip cards provides a hands-on practice that is fun and engaging. They are designed to help children practice phenome isolation. In a nutshell, this involves isolating and identifying sounds in the words. We have used CVC (consonant- vowel-consonant) words as they can be broken into three distinct sounds.

Phenome isolation is an important skill to develop as children begin to develop phonemic awareness. Once Kinders can isolate and identify sounds in words, they can begin to blend the sounds together and sound out words.

To learn more about phonemic awareness and why it is so important click here.

Our beginning/ ending clip cards are fast and easy to make. Once you have them made, just add some clothespins, and voila you have a literacy center! You can also use these clip cards as a quiet game for early finishers or provide the link for parents to make a set at home.

As the name suggests, these clip cards can be used to practice either beginning or ending sounds. You choose! They feature generic pictures, so they are ready to go at any time of year.

Color or Black and White clipcard sheets

How To Use Beginning and Ending Sounds Clip cards

Each card has a picture depicting a CVC word. You know how it works. Children pick up a clip card and look at the picture. Encourage them to say the word aloud and pay attention to the sound that is at the beginning/ end of the word. Then they clip a clothespin over the correct letter sound.  Repeat until all the cards have clothespins on them. You can specify beginning or ending sounds.

As you are probably aware, beginning sounds are the easiest for young learners to isolate and identify. Start with beginning sounds and as students progress switch to ending sounds.

Teacher’s Tip: Try indicating the right answer on the back of the card with a dot. Encourage students to turn the card over and check their answer once they have placed the clothespin!

We’ve provided two sets, one in color and one in black and white for those of you without color printers.

 black and white clip card sheets
the black and white version

Making the Clip Cards


  • Free printable clip card file (download below)
  • Cardstock
  • Laminator
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Wooden clothes pins


  1. Print the beginning and ending sounds clip cards onto your cardstock.
  2. Laminate the sheets and cut out the cards *

*Note: You don’t need to laminate these sets, but they will last much longer if you do.

You can store the cards in a bag or container with the clothespins, so the game is always ready to go.

beginning and ending sounds sheets
The Color Version

Introducing the beginning and ending sounds center

My preference is to introduce a new learning center activity to the whole class. This allows you to quickly see who understands the activity and who may need some extra help. It is also helpful to model how to use the clip cards.

Pick out a card, point to the picture and say the word. Repeat the word, but this time exaggerate the beginning or ending sounds. Then invite the children to help you match the sound to the correct letter.

A fun way of doing this is to try all the other letter choices. For example, you could pick out the top card and say, “Is it the P? Yes, it is the P. P-A-P Pap right?!” For some reason, Kinders think it is really funny when you make this kind of mistake.

Other Literacy Activities

Your Turn

What are your favorite activities to practice beginning and ending sounds? Please leave a comment below.

sounds clip cards
beginning and ending sounds clip cards
beginning and ending sounds clip cards
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