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New Back to School Books

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New school year means new back to school books! Read-alouds are a great way to engage students, welcome them into the classroom, and expose them to literature. Read on to find a complete teacher-approved back to school book list for Kinders!

We ordered some New Back to School books for our book bar and found some great ones! Some of these books are new and some I have just not ordered yet.

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Let’s start with our Book Bar. Our Book Bar is an Ikea frame shelf that we put under our whiteboard or reading board depending on the space. We keep our teacher read alouds books on this shelf so students know these are our special books we need to take extra care of. Some classes have to ask before reading a book from the Book Bar and other classes I trust a little more to handle.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates is probably my new favorite book of all time. It’s and adorable story about a T-Rex going to school for the first time. But this T-Rex is a T-Rex so she likes to eat her classmates. It goes through having to the process of learning to make friends the right way. It’s just a great book that will spark so many conversations about so many things (including kids who may have challenges in the classroom).

This book is another close favorite for first – The Kindergarten King. This book follows a boy who is going to be the king of his new classroom. It follows him through everything from waking up the first day and having a crown to riding the bus home. It’s a great story about positive mindsets and being confident. What I also love is it talks about how all the other kids will be kings and queens too. Love this book!

This may not be a new book, but it was one I did not have in my collection yet. Click Clack Quack to School is a fun book about how Farmer Brown is taking his animals to school. The pigs get excited to be rough and the cows get excited to stomp but Farmer Brown tells the animals this is not how we act in school. But when they pull up to school the kids are at recess and everyone gets to play just as they wanted. It’s a great story to spark conversations about school behavior and we love it!

I always read one or two books to my students from the teacher perspective because I want my students to know we are people too. How to Get Your Teacher Ready is a great book for back to school. This book answers some of the common questions students will have but asks them of the teacher so it’s super fun. It takes you through the whole year so it is a great book to visit several times.

I have seen this book for a few months and just not added it to my Book Bar yet for Back to School. All Are Welcome is a great book about all the different people in a school community. It is set in a 4 line format where you talk about one part of school and end with the fourth line saying All Are Welcome. This books shows so much diversity it’s just great!

Again, I don’t think this book is new but it is new for me. On the First Day of Kindergarten follows the 12 Days of Christmas theme and goes through all the things students will do in kindergarten. I dare you to read this book without singing – so fun.

I just loved the cover of this book so I had to order it and it did not disappoint. It again follows a student on the first day of school from morning to night. The pictures on this book make it super fun and storyline is quick and easy to follow.

This is an another book that I honestly just never had and wanted to add to my collection – If You Take a Mouse to School. This book goes through all the things kiddos will need and do on the first day. Super fun and another great story that has so many other options throughout the year!

What books do you like to read on the first day? Let us know in the comments.

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