Books About Pandemics, Masks & Social Distancing

Teach your Kinders about the pandemic, masks, and social distancing through these read-alouds! Using great literature is an excellent tool during difficult times and these books can help your Kinders better understand what’s happening in the world right now. Keep reading to find out which books to add to your classroom library!

It can sometimes feel like the elephant in the room – pandemics, masks, and social distancing. As teachers, we turn to books and we have seen some books shared about these topics and so we ordered them and wanted to share them with you here today.

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We have seen lots of books about these topics and so we ordered some. And then people commented and we ordered some more! You can check out our video reviews below.

Find all the books about pandemics, masks, and social distancing below!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book and it is essential if you are teaching virtually because of the pandemic or not. This book goes over everything from muting your mic to going to the bathroom before you start and cleaning up your toys in the background to raising your hand to speak! This book is a must have!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. It was written by a teacher in our community for her daughters to explain everything. It is so gentle and informative! My favorite pages talk about how the school looks different now and shows the little girl’s dad making rhymes for her at home.

Lucy’s Mask is an easy to read story about a little girl getting a new mask. The story starts with her mom at a sewing machine telling her she is making her a mask. While she is waiting, she imagines all the things a new mask can help her to be, like an explorer or a pirate. At the end of the story, the mom gives Lucy a face covering and tells her this is going to make her a hero by saving lives. It’s a simple and quick story to read your students will love.

Another must have book! This is all about a little boy and the adventures he has with his mask. It has simple sentences that are often just one to 5 words. It is a great way to start having a conversation about masks in the classroom! Highly recommend!

When Virona the Corona Came To Town was written by a first grade teacher which I think is pretty cool. This book is about a girl named Mary Ellen. It starts with her going through all the emotions of school shutting down in the Spring to seeing the bright side of the situation. It also ends with her being thankful for the essential workers like nurses and grocery store workers, it can lead to some great conversations. Each page has a sing-song tone so it’s fun to read!

Paula and the Pandemic is another favorite from the books I ordered. This is a story about a little girl who loves to play with her friends but can’t because of the pandemic. It talks about how she misses her friends and her teacher, how her dad is working from home, and how things are just different. The thing I love about this book is that it is done in such a real way but it’s not negative. The mom explains to the girl how a pandemic is like a seed and if we nurture it and care for it, it will grow big and strong. The seed is like a pandemic because if we care for ourselves and be patient the world will grow back big and strong. I just love this little story (it’s literally little in size).

She actually has it in two sizes. This is the MINI size shown in the video:

And this is a bigger version she made at the request of teachers:

I love this new book: A Little Spot Stays Home: A Story About Viruses and Safe Distancing. It is loaded with details and is very kid friendly. It talks about what a virus is, what symptoms are, and gives lots of explanations for things like why we stay home and how germs spread. It even goes into what you can do while you are staying at home! It’s a great book your students will love.

Smiling From Ear to Ear is another great book I found. This is a fun, easy to read story with different animals wearing masks in different places like the grocery store and while visiting family. This would be a great story for the kids to retell on their own.

We also ordered these books and they have not arrived yet. We will post reviews once we have them in hand!

This is a great book about social distancing. What I love about this is it talks about things like even though you are home, your parents still need to work and how you can do fun things at home. The book ends by declaring all the kids kings and queens of social distancing. This is a fun book your students will love.

This is a super cute rhyming book that gives you some alternatives to giving hugs. “If you can’t touch noses, give red roses.” So cute! Highly recommend!

What is Social Distancing is a great book if you are looking to answer questions your students may have. This book literally has one question on the page and then the answer and it covers so many topics. This book is very detailed so you could easily do one question a day if you did not want to read the whole thing at once. This is a great book if you have students with lots of questions.

Masked Ninja is another book we got that has lots of great information with a ninja twist. I will always give you an honest review, so I want to mention there are a few things in this book that made me wonder if they should be brought up in class – such as the origin of COVID, the WHO, and CDC, and things like that. It also talks about how some people are teased because they caused the virus and how that is racism. This book does have great details like how to wash your hand (with a cute song) and other things like not touching your face so it can be a great addition to your library if you are talking about germs and viruses. I would just make sure you especially read this book to yourself before you read it to your students.

What books have your found for talking about the pandemic, masks, and social distancing? Share in the comments so other teachers can share with their students too. Stay well friends.

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