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Marble Jar for Distance Learning

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Looking for a good classroom management plan for distance learning? Then check out the marble jar! The perfect tool to keep your Kinders engaged and learning from home or in-person! Watch the video below or read on to learn more about using a marble jar in your virtual classroom.

You have probably seen teachers use Marble Jars in the classroom before, it’s a very simple concept. The marble jar is also great for distance learning!

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The concept is very simple and not new, your students can earn marbles into the jar for different things. When the marble jar is full, they get a class incentive. What I love about this strategy is you can mold it to be whatever you need. Want to give out a handful of marbles so you fill it quicker – no problem. Want to have an individual student add marbles to the jar because they read really well at your table – do it.

But did you ever think about using it for Distance Learning? It’s a great strategy for the virtual environment because the sound of the glass beads hitting the glass jar can be easily heard from your computer mic.

See something you like students doing, put a handful of marbles in the jar.

  • Everyone mute their mic’s quickly, add marbles to the jar.
  • Want to reward a student for doing a task well, put a handful of marbles in the jar.
  • Everyone have their cameras turned off for the lesson, add some marbles to the jar.

So what do incentives look like virtually? Well, that’s completely up to you but you could easily do a directed drawing together or enjoy a class snack at the end of your virtual class (everyone brings their own).

Working with older students? You can definitely have your students have a cup of legos or blocks at home along side you. This will help them to be a little more connected with it. (I would definitely not suggest doing that in kindergarten at the start of the year at least LOL).

What ideas do you have for classroom management when teaching virtually? Share in the comments.

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