Math Games For Kinders To Make Learning Fun

Easy math games for Kindergarten that are perfect for classroom and homeshool. Use them for math centres, early finishers, or independent practice. We got 18 fun math games to help your students explore numbers and practice using them. Click through to see the details.

Easy math games for Kindergarten that are perfect for classroom and homeschool. Use them for math centers, early finishers, or independent practice. We have 18 fun math games to help your students explore numbers and practice using them. Click through to see the details.

It’s the start of a new school year and your Kinders are just starting to learn about numbers and how to manipulate them.

At this stage, children are starting to explore numbers and come to an understanding of numerals. They need to figure out the patterns and learn the way our number systems work.

Our concrete learners come to a better understanding of numbers when they can visualize and manipulate them in a hands-on way. Things like ten frames, number charts, and number lines are super helpful. And manipulatives will become your best friend.

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Math Games Are Your Secret Weapon

Games provide an easy way to explore numbers and practice using them. They make math practice and learning a lot of fun. Kinders love playing games, so why not take advantage of that and use them in your classroom?

For this reason, we have created a huge bundle of math games that you can use in your classroom or for homeschool. And the best part? They are super easy to prepare and set up.

The Simply Centers First Quarter Math Games

This bundle contains three Fall themes:

  • Apple
  • Fall
  • Back to School

Each theme has a variety of math games. There are a total of 18 math games that are perfect for math centers, early finishers, or independent practice.

Living in the Southern Hemisphere? Try these spring-themed games

What Will You Get In The Bundle?

Each Math Simply Center comes with:

  1. A print and play math game. They are available in both color and black and white files, so those of you without access to black and white printers are covered.
  2. A printed objective card to help focus your students and to help you with lesson planning.
  3. A direction card for students. Both of these cards are editable, so you can change them if you wish.
  4. A photo of the center, so your students have a visual of what they are supposed to be working on
  5. A variety of accountability pages. As they play the games the students must record what they discover. This ensures that they do the work, but more importantly, it allows you to check their understanding and progress.

The mathematical concepts covered include

  • number sense
  • Addition
  • subtraction
  • comparing numbers
  • representing numbers

Those of you following The Common Core Curriculum will be aware that when it comes to Kindergarten math, we are focused on two critical elements

“Representing and comparing whole numbers, initially with sets of objects and describing shapes and space. “

Common Core curriculum

Want to know more about the common core? Click here to check out the details.

Our Math Simply Center focuses on the first elements

Some themes have more than games than others. However, new games will be uploaded as they are created. This file is ENDLESS so any new Simply Centers that are created will be added to the files! 

Let’s Take an In-Depth Look At the Apple Theme

There are five hands-on math games in the Apple theme!  And we are excited to show you each one.

Math game Apple Compare Alligators

Apple Compare Alligators: Kinders love these fun alligators! In this game, students will count and compare quantities. This game practices counting and comparing whole numbers. It is also a fun way to introduce the concepts of greater and less than

Number play dough mats

Number dough mats: We love this game and so do Kinders because they get to use playdough. Students will form the numbers with playdough. They will also write and say the numbers aloud.

This multisensory approach to learning is very effective for young learners and it really helps open the pathways in the brain.

Missing numbers game

Apple Missing number: This hands-on game helps children practice their counting skills. They put numbers in order and fill in the missing blanks.

Hiding numbers math game

Apple Seed Hiding Numbers: This game helps your students recognize numbers to 100. The numbered apples are placed on a pocket number chart. Tuck a seed card behind one of the apples and invite students to take turns to guess where the hidden seeds are. Children must point to an apple and say the number aloud before checking for the seeds.

Benefits of Math Games

Before going any further, let’s just stop to examine some of the benefits of math games. Playing games

  • Helps foster a deeper understanding of numbers development of math fluency.
  • Provides opportunities for lots of independent practice.
  • Gives students a fun way to develop familiarity with the number system and practice computation practice,
  • Builds a deeper understanding of operations.
  • Creates space for observation. While your Kinders are engaged in the games, you can quietly observe and assess their progress. You can quickly see if they understand the concept and when they need more practice.
  • Provides a fun way to practice. There is no getting around it, Kinders need a lot of practice! Doing one worksheet after another can quickly get boring and we don’t want that! Games are viewed as fun and kids are happy to engage in the repeated practice.
  • They increase student engagement and motivation. Most Kinders love to play games, so let us use this love of play to get them learning!

What is the Best Way To Introduce a Math Game?

One of the easiest ways to introduce a game is to play it against the class. Explain the rules and then challenge the class to a game. It can be helpful to talk aloud as you play so that your students can understand your thinking. “First I will count the apples here. 1,2,3,4,5. Five, I have five apples. Now I must find the number 5 to make the puzzle.”

What Are Some Fun Math Games?

Your Turn

Math games for kindergarten
Math games for kindergarten

How do you use math games in the classroom? Do you have any favorites. Leave a comment below.

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