Celebrating the 100th Day of School

Making it to the 100th day of school is a big deal in kindergarten. Celebrating is a must and encouraged! Whether you make it an all-day long party or keep it simple with 1-2 fun activities; we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for 15 ideas to celebrate the 100th day of school that you can use to spice up your celebration.

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Math Ideas

Math ideas are always fun to incorporate on the 100th Day and easy since you’re working with a number.

  1. Number Line Activity – Students will work together to build a number line to 100. Use a piece of string to create the number line and plug in numbers on index cards along the string to create some structure. Students will take turns flipping over the missing numbers and completing a task listed on the card (do ____ jumping jacks, count by 5s to _____, say ____ words that rhyme with cat, etc.).
  2. 100th Day Hat – It’s not the 100th day without a hat. Use Simply Kinder’s freebie printable HERE to create an exciting hat full of stickers. Students sort stickers into groups of 10 to create 100 on their hats.
  3. Lines of 100 – Give small groups of students 100 math manipulatives (linking chains, unifix cubes, color tiles) and have them create lines of 100 using each item. Students can compare the lengths of each line after their lines are complete.
  4. Number Hunt – Hide number cards from a 100s pocket chart around the room. The students will work together to find and collect the cards. Add them to the pocket chart once all the numbers are located.
  5. Race to 100 – This is a popular math game with students and is great at strengthening counting and number skills. Simply Kinder has many fun options with mini erasers that will jazz up this familiar game. Check out the options HERE.

Reading and Writing Ideas

Math doesn’t get all the fun on the 100th day of school. Check out these reading and writing ideas to incorporate into your day.

  1. 100 Ways We are Smarter – Create a class chart of 100 ways students are smarter. Students can share things they have learned to be added to chart paper. Your students will be proud of all they have accomplished.
  2. Creating Sentences with 100 Words – Display 100 words on a pocket chart or smart board. Students can work in groups to create simple sentences using the 100 words and record them on chart paper. You can also record words on index cards and students can manipulate the words to form sentences. This would make a fun competition to see which group can create the most sentences.
  3. Decoding 100 Words – Display 100 decodable words around the room for students to find and decode. Students can create their own lists of 100 words using THIS template from Simply Kinder + for an added challenge.
  4. 100th Day Books – Sprinkle 100th day read alouds throughout the day. Display books so students can access them for their enjoyment as well.

100th Day Challenges

Be sure to include an exciting challenge for students on the 100th day.

  1. Marshmallow Towers – Give small groups of students 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks. Students will try to build the tallest tower using their materials. Measure each tower using unifix cubes to find the winner.
  2. Marshmallow Snowflakes – Students will use 100 marshmallows and toothpicks to create snowflakes. The group with the most snowflakes after a set timer will win the challenge.
  3. Hide and Seek – Hide 100 small treats around the classroom (Hershey Kisses, Starburst, Smarties). Students will search and find the treats.
  4. 100 Legos – Give pairs of students 100 Legos. Pairs will work together to build a structure using their Legos. This can be modified to work with any building material.
  5. 100 Pennies Foil Boats – Students use tinfoil to create “boats” that will hold 100 pennies. Test the boats in a large bowl of water.

100th Day Treat

Complete your 100th day celebration with a special treat. A 100th day trail mix is perfect to involve students and encourages sorting and counting. Simply Kinder makes it easy to include this treat with their 100th Day Trail Mix set found HERE at Simply Kinder +.

100th Day Free Hat Printable

Learn more about the Free 100th Day Hat Printable here! You can grab your free 100th-day hat printable inside the FREE Simply Kinder + Printable membership here! Learn more about Simply Kinder + Printable membership & how to join here!

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