Christmas Around the World Videos for Kids

It’s tricky to find good videos sometimes so here is your teacher-approved list of Christmas Around the World Videos for Kids.  These videos are all about customs and traditions in different countries.  We tried to represent as many countries as possible and here are the ones that we found that will work well for preschool, kindergarten, and first grades.

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Holidays All Around the World (7:00)

This is a super sweet tune about all of the diverse holidays people celebrate all around the world.  They are broken into groups of four so the kids can easily sing along with them.  “We celebrate peace and love all around the world.”  The song itself is about 3 minutes long.  (Fast forward to 1:00 for the song to begin).

Christmas Traditions Around the World (1:52)

A quick review of several different countries and how they celebrate.  Countries represented are Australia, the U.K., and Italy.

This video goes great with our Christmas Around the World Interactive Book.  This book is loaded with different countries and each has a different activity to reinforce the traditions right on the page. Click here to see more.

Christmas Around the World Interactive Reader - read about the country and then do the little activity to reinforce the traditions.  Perfect for Kindergarten and first grade.

Kids Talk About the Holidays (2:34)

This video starts with a short conversation with Elmo about how all the holidays are the same – family, love, and lights.  It then goes to the kids talking about what holiday they celebrate and what it means to them.

Christmas in GERMANY (4:14)

Take a peek at one of Germany’s holiday traditions, The German Christmas Market.  You can see lots of holiday traditions as she shows you all of the great food and fun traditions they have in Germany.

Hanukkah Traditions (1:46)

This is a great video about a little girl and how her family celebrates Hanukkah.  You get to see their traditions, and the foods they eat, and hear her sing a Hanukkah song.

Another great option for your Christmas Around the World traditions is this great research book.  Each country has a close read for content, graphic organizers to plan a report, and differentiated report pages.  Oh, it also has a craft for each country.  Do one country at a time, or staple it into one big book (that’s what we do).  You will be amazed at the stories your kiddos come up with this kind of writing support.  Click here to see it.

Christmas Around the World Research, Reports, and Crafts.  You will be amazed at the stories your kiddos come up with when given the right kind of support. Perfect for Kindergarten and first grade.

Kwanzaa (1:59)

Take a peek into the traditions of this family who celebrates Kwanzaa.

Christmas in Sweden (1:20)

If you are talking about Sweden, this is a MUST. It seems to be a report by a student about traditions in that country.  It’s very simple and to the point so perfect for our little ones.

We also have this great Holidays Around the World Nonfiction Book with Activities.  This book uses real photos and focuses on the holiday, not the country.  It will easily integrate into any Christmas Around the World project you are teaching. Click here to check it out.

Christmas Around the World Nonfiction Book and Activities.  Uses real photos to teach about the holidays.  Perfect for Kindergarten and first grade.

54 Holiday Greetings from Around the World (3:04)

This video is so amazing. BuzzFeed asked their fans to wish people happy holidays and how they do where they live.  This video is a compilation of people all over the world doing just that.

And you can pick up any of the resources listed in the article right here on Simply Kinder.

Teacher Approved Christmas Around the World Videos for Kids
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