10 Teacher Approved Diversity Videos for Kindergarten and First Grade

10 simple videos that celebrate diversity and different cultures in an age-appropriate way for Kindergarten and first grade!

Celebrating diversity is so essential at the Kindergarten level. We’ve compiled a list of videos that celebrate diversity and different cultures in an age-appropriate way for your classroom!

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We live in a wonderfully diverse world, and our children must learn about different cultures and ways of life at a young age. It can be challenging to find age-appropriate videos that showcase these differences positively.

We’ve curated a list of teacher-approved videos that will help your Kindergartener learn all about diversity in a fun and engaging way. From exploring different cultures to celebrating our differences, these videos will get your child excited about embracing the world around them.

What is Diversity?

Diversity is the understanding that every individual is unique, yet we all share so many things in common. This can be seen in many aspects of life, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and ability. When we celebrate diversity, we rejoice that each person has something different to offer.

Why Celebrate Diversity In Kindergarten?

Children in Kindergarten are just starting to learn about the world around them. They are beginning to notice that people are different, which is ok! As teachers, we must celebrate diversity with our students. By doing so, we are teaching them that everyone is unique and special in their own way. We are also teaching.

When we teach our children about diversity at a young age, we lay the foundation for acceptance and inclusion. We are showing them that differences should be embraced, and we might even inspire the next generation of world leaders!

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What Are Some Age-Appropriate Videos That Celebrate Diversity?

There are so many beautiful videos out there celebrating diversity in a fun and engaging way! We scoured YouTube for the best videos and consulted with teachers in the Simply Kinder Facebook group. Here are our Teacher approved list of videos about diversity.

So Many Colors, So Many Shapes

We’ll start off with a catchy song. “So Many Colors, So Many Shapes” has a powerful message that people come in different colors and shapes yet share the same hearts!

The lyrics are simple and repetitive so that your Kinders will pick it up quickly and will sing along. Use this as a brain break or an introduction to the topic of diversity.

Cultures of the World

This short video introduces children to the concept of culture and cultural identity. Kindergarten students are introduced to five cultures, including American, African, French, Chinese, and Spanish. There is just the right amount of information for this age group. The only downside is that the video only features adults from each culture. It would be nice to see some children. The language is better suited to first-grade students, but I think Kindergarten would get a lot out of this video as well.

Learn Bright offers has a free lesson plan for grades 1-3. You can find it here.

Whoever You Are – Diversity Book Read Aloud

This video is a read-aloud of the fabulous book by Mem Fox. The book takes us on a quick trip around the world, introducing children to different types of people. It does a great job pointing out that we still have much in common despite our differences. It is a lovely book way to celebrate diversity. This video would be great for Kindergarten students but could also work with first-grade students.

Sesame Street: We’re Different, We’re the Same

This adorable video starts with Sesame Street characters Abby and Elmo, who are on a quest to find what is different and the same. It just so happens that Gordon is reading the perfect book called We’re Different, We’re the Same. It explains that we may look different, but how in everything essential, we are the same.

For example, our skin can be of different colors. But skin does the same job and works the same for everyone, no matter its color. This is a simple way to celebrate diversity and has a beautiful message.

Sesame Street: Same and Different with Elmo and Abby

Another short video with Abby and Elmo. In this one, the two characters explore the differences between them. The video does a great job of pointing out that while we all have differences, we also have many similarities. Elmo and Abby discover they have a lot in common, and Elmo doesn’t have to change his hair color!

This video could lead to some fun diversity math projects. For example, students could create Venn diagrams to show the differences and similarities between themselves and a partner. You might also do some graphing projects.

The World’s Family (An Embracing Culture Story)

Another video showcasing some aspects of different cultures around the world. This one is very simple and better suited for Kindergarten. It talks about the ways people say hello and greet each other. What kinds of pets children might have and mentions some celebrations. The video finishes with the powerful message that we may do things differently, but we are the same in many ways. We are all part of the world’s family.

Being Different is Beautiful

The message in this sweet animated video is that we are all different, making us beautiful. I particularly like that the message includes a child in a wheelchair and a child with a seeing-eye dog. The video touches on differences in appearance, physical abilities, food, and likes. The final message is that we are all different and unique in many ways. Being different is beautiful, and we can learn a lot from each other every day.

Lights for Gita

Screen shot from video  lights for Gita

This offering comes from the National Film Board of Canada. The video follows Gita as she moves from India to Canada with her family. She misses her old life and everything she used to celebrate at home! She decides to invite her new friends to celebrate Diwali with her, but an ice storm threatens to derail her plans. Gita is sad but eventually sees that she can create new traditions and celebrations in her new home.

This video is a great way to introduce Kindergarten students to the Hindu festival of lights. It does an excellent job of explaining why people might celebrate while also showing the cultural differences. There is a focus on Gita’s journey and how she learns to be happy in her new home.

The Sandwich Swap

This is the story of two friends who bring very different sandwiches to school. They have a falling out over their sandwiches. Feelings get hurt and mean words are exchanged. The whole class takes sides over the sandwich debate, and things start to turn ugly. Eventually, peace is restored when the two girls swap sandwiches and discover that both are delicious. It is a lovely story and perfect for Kindergarten. It would be a great starting point for discussing respect and not dismissing something because it is different.

We’re All Amazing

A lovely song specially composed for younger children. Imagine a world where we all see each other and ourselves as amazing. The simple lyrics remind children how incredible they really are. The song is easy to pick up, and kids will quickly sing along with the refrain.

The Big Umbrella

This is a read-along, and it is a wonderful story about inclusion. The story is about a big red umbrella that loves to gather everyone in and give shelter to all. It doesn’t matter what you look like, what clothes you wear, or even how many legs you have. There is room for everyone under the umbrella. Somehow it manages to stretch and grow, so everyone can fit.

This story would make an excellent starting point for discussing kindness and inclusion. Here is an idea for a classroom display; create a large red umbrella and have the children draw pictures of themselves to place underneath.

Final Thoughts

Diversity is something that should be celebrated in our classrooms. Children need to see themselves and others as unique and special. The videos here do a great job of highlighting diversity and celebrating what makes us different. Your kids will learn to celebrate their differences and those around them, which is an essential lesson for Kindergarten students.

All these videos will help children understand the concept of diversity in an engaging way. We hope they will inspire your students to accept others, celebrate differences, and learn about different cultures. Happy viewing!

Your Turn

Do you have any other videos about diversity to share? We are always looking to expand our list. Why not leave the title in the comments below?

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