22 Twos Day Activities for Kindergarten

Get 22 twos day activities for kindergarten! Tuesday, 2/22/22, is officially Twos Day! How exciting! Looking for some great ideas on ways to celebrate with your class? We have some amazing lesson plans ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade! Keep reading for 22 tips for twos day and make sure you grab the FREE printable at the bottom!

Twos Day is SO kindergarten and so we wanted to give you lots of ideas for this day. Today we are talking about fun snacks but you can also check out these fun Twos Day resources below:

Twos day activities for kindergarten

Make Twos day memorable with all of these lesson ideas! From dressing up, fun books and movies, cute activities and games; it’s all so exciting! Tuesday, February 22, 2022, will only happen once so we knew we have to take advantage! To keep with the theme of 2’s, we have come up with 22 great things to do with pairs, doubles, or the number 2 on that day.

Check out the video of the New Twos Day resource here:

This activity goes well with these resources:

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Dress Up for Twos Day

Starting off our 22 tips for twos day are some dress-up ideas. Everyone gets excited about dressing up! It’s a great way to start the day off on the right foot. Here are some fun ones:

Twos day hat

1. Twos Day Hat: This cute hat is part of our twos day bundle! Students will practice writing the number 2, cut, color, and get to wear it all day. It’s so fun and low prep for you! Get it in the bundle here.

2. Crazy Socks: A *pair* of socks is definitely perfect for twos day! Even better when you tell students it can be crazy sock day and they can mix and match!

3. Tutus/Ties: We love alliteration! Tutus and/or ties go great with the theme of T for twos day. It will be funny to see what they come up with for this one!

4. Mittens: Another great paired item, especially for this time of year, is mittens or gloves! They can wear their favorite pair or mix and match to be silly.

Twos Day Academic Activities

There are so many fun activities, crafts, letters to send home, and great lesson plan ideas for the day! We have included a freebie at the bottom so you can get a sneak peek of a couple of resources, so make sure to sign up on the bottom of this post. Grab the entire bundle here! And check out some of our favorites below.

5. Twos Day Hundreds Chart Hunt: Find the pictures (related to the number 2) on the hundreds chart and write what numbers they are covering!

6. Two and Twenty-Two: Sort all the different versions of the numbers into the correct column labeling them 2 or 22.

7. “What is Twos Day” close read: Read all about twos day and why we are choosing to celebrate it! There’s a space at the top for students to draw a picture too!

8. Counting Pairs: Count how many pairs of each object there are and write the number on the line.

9. Me on Twos Day: Students will write some fun facts about themselves on this day, having to do with twos, of course, to remember for years to come!

Read aloud Books for 22 Twos Day

One of the best parts of preschool, kindergarten, or first grade is the read-aloud time! These books are all about doubles or the number two!

Twos day activities for kindergarten

10. Double the Ducks: This book by Stuart J. Murphy is great for teaching young children about doubling! A cute story about taking care of 5 ducks but then they all come home with a friend, so they double the ducks! You can find it on Amazon here:

11. Double Play: Monkeying Around with Addition: Another great math book for students! This one by Betsy Franco also helps students learn how to double with the help of some cute chimps. You can get it here:

12. Two of Everything: This book by Lily Toy Hong is a favorite! A story of a magical pot in a garden that turns everything inside into twos! Find it here:

13. Double Take: Susan Hood wrote this book as a way of teaching opposites! The artwork is very retro and it has text that will keep the students intrigued. You can grab it here:

Twos Day Videos

Continuing on with our 22 tips for twos day are some quick, fun movies about counting, doubles, or pairs! Sometimes starting or ending the day with a video can tie everything together!

Twos day activities for kindergarten

14. Doubles! Doubles!: This is a super catchy song that doubles numbers up through 10 gives math practice and definitely fits with the theme! Watch it here:

15. I Can Show the Number 2: Of course, we had to add a Jack Hartmann video, a kindergarten favorite! Sing and dance along as you learn all the different ways to represent the number 2. Here it is on YouTube:

16. What are Pairs: This video is a great way to introduce pairs to students! After the video, see if they can name any other pairs of things! Watch it here:

Games for Twos Day

If you’re having a fun, themed day, it won’t be complete without some games! Try some of these for an educational good time!

17. Find Your Pair: Make (or print) cards with pairs of things. One item on each card. Some examples: salt & pepper, milk & cookies, characters like Mickey & Minnie, Peanut Butter & Jelly, etc. Mix up and then hand out one card to each student. Set a timer and see if the students can find their matching pair card! Make it even more fun by having them find their pair without talking!

18. 2’s Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt paper where students have to find two of each item around the classroom. Such as two pencils, two things of the same color, two pairs of scissors, etc.

19. My Double: Have students find someone in the room with something in common. I.E. Sharing the same favorite movie. They each have 2 younger brothers. Maybe someone has the same favorite color. It will be a fun way for them to learn more about other classmates while finding their “double”!

Twos Day Snacks

Quite possibly the best parts of any celebration are the food and snacks! You really can make anything fit the theme, especially if there are two of them! Sandwiches, pieces of candy, vegetables, fruit, etc. Here are a few fun ones though, to round out our 22 tips for twos day!

twos day activities for kindergarten

20. Taco “Twosday”: It’s the perfect snack for Tuesday, 2/22/22! You can have a potluck where each student brings an ingredient to make tacos! You could also make candy tacos by forming sugar cookies into a taco shell and having students fill their “taco” with various candies.

21. Oreos: Oreos are fun for twos day because you have two cookies in one delicious cookie sandwich! Plus, you have to eat at least two, right?

22. Popsicles: Popsicles immediately come to mind when thinking of things in doubles, especially the popsicles with the double sticks that break in half. This would be a great way to finish up the day!

Twos Day Activities for Kindergarten Free Printable

So many fun ideas for Twos day! Get started with a free printable here from the brand new Twos Day activities bundle here!

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Get even more Twos Day videos for Kindergarten here!

This post was written by Johanna, an experienced early elementary teacher who loves learning about new teaching ideas for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade!

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