Twos Day Videos for Kindergarten

Have you heard about TWOs Day? It’s February 2, or February 22! 2-2 or 2-22! How neat is that? This crazy combination of all things two makes it a fun celebration to have with your students. We have you covered with these fun teacher-approved TWOs Day videos for kindergarten. Grab the FREE Twos Day printable too!

Twos Day was made for fun videos! Check out the entire list below and start celebrating in your classroom!

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Twos Day is SO kindergarten and so we wanted to give you lots of ideas for this day. Today we are talking about fun snacks but you can also check out these fun Twos Day resources below:

Twos Day Videos for Kindergarten

Finding the right videos can be tricky and so we do the work previewing them for you. Here’s some great videos for your TWO’s Day celebrations, whether you are celebrating the number 2 or 22.

Twos’ Day Freeze Dance (4:01)

This song will have kids dancing with some of their favorite characters and dodging tacos! Love it! Perfect to get some wiggles out today!

This is the BEST song to start the day with! It’s a fun catchy tune to just tell your students that the day will be about all things 2! Students can stomp along.

I Can Show the Number 2 in Many Ways (3:56)

This is all about the Number 2 and all the different ways you can show it including dominos, dices, ten frames, tallies, and so much more!

Simple Number Song 2 (1:05)

This is a super quick song where students can sing along. I like this song because it has the number and word real big throughout to reinforce the numeral and number word.

Drawing Using the Number 2 (7:15)

Start with the number two and end with a cute duck or carrot! These are fun to do throughout the day.

Counting by 2s (2:27)

I LOVE this song – it’s just like the big and little numbers songs. Students will be challenged to count 20 by 2’s to this fun, slow tune.

Counting By 2s Song (1:57)

This is a fun song that starts with counting by 2’s to 10, then 20, and then even higher.

Dancing 2’s (3:11)

Students will be challenged to recognize numbers and count by 2’s to 100.

NumberBlocks – 20 and Beyond (5:27)

This goes through place value for numbers 20-25. This is a great way to explain 22.

21 and 22 by NumberBlocks (1:15)

This is a great video that shows what 22 is in base ten blocks.

How to Turn 22 into a Love Parrot (2:32)

This is a super fun activity for TWOs day – start with the number 22 and turn it into a parrot.

Twos Day Activities for Kindergarten

Get the low-prep bundle filled with a HUGE variety of activities for kindergarten here! Or grab the freebie below to get started on your planning! Make sure to share a picture by tagging #simplykinder on Instagram here!

Don’t forget to check out 22 fun activities for Twos Day here for even more Twos Day ideas!

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