Fall Scarecrow Activity Craft for Kindergarten

Seasonal crafts are an exciting way for students to practice skills they are learning in the classroom. They also make the cutest displays. Our fall scarecrow activity craft for kindergarten is full of possibilities for students to display their learning and will add some fall flair to your classroom walls. Keep reading for ideas on how you can use this craft to reinforce literacy and math skills in your classroom.

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What’s Included?

  • Editable class list to customize names for each student.
  • Printable scarecrow template (boy and girl).
  • Simple instructions for assembling the scarecrows.

Reasons to Love Our Fall Scarecrow Craft for Kindergarten

  1. Easy to Prep

You will be able to prep this craft quickly using our editable class list. Simply type in your students’ names (other ideas below) and print on your choice of cardstock. Choose white cardstock if you would like your students to color or print on colored cardstock if not coloring.

2. Fall Display

This craft will add fall flair to your hallways or classroom walls. You can add the scarecrows to a bulletin board, clip them to string, or tape them on the walls. Students love seeing their work on display so it’s a win-win.

3. Seasonal Learning

Students will enjoy demonstrating their learning on a fun scarecrow template through coloring, cutting, writing, and gluing. This is a great opportunity to strengthen scissors and fine motor skills.

4. Endless Options

Our scarecrow craft is perfect for students to practice their names, but there are endless ideas for your classroom. Keep reading for inspiration. This craft can be done in a whole group setting or in small groups. It is also a fun activity to send home for family involvement.

5. Easy to Assemble

Each scarecrow piece comes with dotted lines for students to follow while cutting. Glue indicators make it easy for students to know exactly where to apply glue.

Using the Fall Scarecrow Craft

You are not limited to using the scarecrow craft for students’ names. You can utilize this craft to support most skills that you are covering with students. Check out a list of ideas below.

Literacy Ideas

  1. Phonics Skills – Leave the squares blank on the scarecrow when printing. Have students write CVC words that you segment to practice encoding (spelling) on each square. This can be done with any phonics skill you are covering (digraphs, blends, vowel pairs).
  2. Story Elements – Choose a favorite fall read-aloud. Provide students with blank squares for the scarecrow’s body. Students can illustrate the character, setting, problem, and solution from the read-aloud.
  3. Word Work – Print sets of letters for the scarecrow’s body and have students manipulate letters to build words. Students can choose their favorite words to form their bodies once they are done building words.
  4. ABC – Assign students a letter of the alphabet or they can choose. Students can write or illustrate words that begin with their letters on squares for the scarecrow’s body.

Math ideas

  1. Number Patterns – Give students the blank squares and have them practice counting by 1s, 5s, or 10s. You can easily differentiate with this activity to suit the needs of your students.
  2. Shake & Spill – Students can use two-color counters to represent addition facts by shaking and spilling the counters from a paper cup. They can color circles to represent their counters and write the number sentence. This is also easy to differentiate by giving your students different amounts of counters.
  3. Patterns – Students can draw patterns on each square of the scarecrow’s body. Call out different pattern units and students will show the pattern using shapes or colors.
  4. Number Writing/Identification – Call out a number to students and have them write the number on a blank square.

Your students will love putting their scarecrows together and seeing them displayed around the classroom. Hurry and grab your customizable Fall Scarecrow Craft HERE at Simply Kinder or HERE inside Simply Kinder +!

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