Halloween Party Ideas for the Classroom

Are you planning a spooky celebration for your class this year? Preparing for classroom parties can be exciting, but overwhelming. Don’t let the thought of planning a classroom party “scare” you. We’ve come up with some Halloween party ideas for your classroom that will make for a frightening good time.

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Halloween Party Options

You should consider the party style you want to follow when planning your classroom Halloween party. There are several ideas that work well for younger students.

  • Center Rotations
  • Games and Crafts
  • Theme Day
  • Trick-or-Treat Event
  • Spooky Treat and a Movie

Your party can be as involved or low prep as you would like it to be. You can choose one option, or you can incorporate several ideas for a bigger Halloween bash. Your students are going to enjoy celebrating no matter what you plan!

Theme Days

A theme day allows you to maximize the celebrating by completing themed activities all day long. Check out these Halloween theme day ideas.

  • Monster Mash Day
  • Bat Cave Day (bonus points if you decorate your classroom like a bat cave)
  • Hocus Pocus Day
  • Boo Day

Halloween Center Rotations

Center rotations are always a favorite at classroom parties. Students are divided into small groups making activities easier to manage.

Choose 3-4 rotations for students to complete. Set a timer and let students rotate through the chosen stations while listening to a fun Halloween playlist. Simply Kinder has great October task bins that would make perfect center rotations for your Halloween party. Grab your set HERE in the Halloween Activities Bundle.

Spooky Treat & Movie

A laid-back Halloween party would be serving up a festive treat and showing a kid friendly Halloween movie. You can have parents donate spooky treats or you can get creative.

Trick – or -Treat

Feeling brave? Have parents donate bags of candy and set up a trick – or – treat event in your classroom. You can incorporate learning activities for students to earn treats (task cards). You can also have parents come in and set up stations for students to trick – or – treat around the classroom.

Crafts and Games

Crafts and games make for a classic classroom party. Choose one craft that you can complete with the whole class. Your students will enjoy taking home a souvenir from their class party. Simply Kinder’s new Skeleton Name Craft would be an ideal craft for your classroom party. It’s low-prep and is sure to make your students smile. Grab your copy HERE.

Check out these fun game ideas to pair with your skeleton craft:

  • Mummy Wrap – Students work in small groups to wrap a “mummy” using rolls of toilet paper.
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Pumpkin Bowling – Decorate water bottles to look like pumpkins, add orange food coloring to the water, and use a small pumpkin to “bowl” the bottles down.
  • Skeleton Marshmallow Toss – Draw skeleton faces on marshmallows with a Sharpie. Students will toss a marshmallow back and forth similar to an egg toss competition. The last team to drop their marshmallow wins the game.

Spooky Halloween Treat Ideas

We all love a festive treat. Jazz up your classroom Halloween party by preparing one of these simple treats. Parents would be a great help in preparing these snacks.

  • Pumpkin Cuties – Draw a jack-o-lantern face on the skin of a Cutie.
  • Cheez-It Pumpkin Bags – Fill a clear snack bag with orange crackers (Cheez-Its, Goldfish) and draw a jack-o-lantern face on the bag using a Sharpie.
  • Frankenstein Grape Cups – Fill a clear cup with green grapes and decorate the outside of the cup to resemble Frankenstein.
  • Bat Snack Bags – Fill a clear snack bag with a treat of your choice. Cut out bat wings and clip the bag to the wings. Add googly eyes for extra fun.

Involve Parents

The best of our Halloween party ideas for your classroom is to invite parents to make your classroom Halloween party a success. Parents can send party donations, prep materials and assist during the party.

Create a list of items (activities and treats) needed for the party and email to your classroom parents. This gives all parents the opportunity to participate even if they can’t physically come to the party.

Have volunteers come decorate, organize materials, and sort supplies on the days leading up to the party.

Choose a few parents to come help run the classroom party. This is especially helpful if you are including games and crafts.

We’d love to see your Halloween party ideas! Please make sure to tag us on Instagram here or share inside the Simply Kinder Teacher Facebook Group here

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