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October Morning Bin Task Boxes


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October Morning Bin Task Boxes


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❤️Use these monthly task boxes for hands-on morning work or throughout the day in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade! Engage students with a huge variety of interactive activities for literacy, math, fine motor, and more.


Included in this download:

Use these Task Bins to start your day, as early finishers, during centers, individual work activities, or really any time throughout the day.  Each Task Bin has a focus on hands-on activities that are fun and engaging.


Why Use Task Boxes / Morning Bins?


The benefits are endless (just like this bundle!)

  • Hands-on & Engaging
  • Promote cooperation, independence, fine motor, and more
  • Open-ended practice
  • Encourage group and social interaction
  • Practice a huge range of skills in a FUN way
  • Can be changed out easily based on skill/need/month


Each Month is a set of hands-on Task Bins for you to pick from.  Some will be themed and some will be able to be used all year long as needed.


Included in this Month Long Bundle is:

Each Task Box activity is its own file and includes activity in color (black and white too depending on the activity). Each also includes a foldable page to display while the students work on the activity with the title on one side and the objective, supplies needed, and directions on the other.


Each uses common materials:

  • Connecting links
  • Snap cubes
  • Unifix cubes
  • Play dough
  • Geoboards & bands
  • Hole punches
  • Pom-poms
  • Mini erasers
  • Pattern blocks
  • Clothes pins
  • Building blocks


Don’t have something?  Easily switch items for what you do have. (Use unfix cubes instead of pom-poms).


Most of our Task Box activities are half-page activities.  Most activities can be reused again and again (obviously cutting and punching activities will need to be printed as needed).  Many activities have questions at the bottom. Students can use a clear chip or dry-erase marker to mark their answers.


This bundle also comes with two sets of colorful Task Box labels.


October Morning Bins Include:

  1. Counting Pumpkins Play Dough Cards
  2. CVC Word Wheels
  3. Fall Pattern Strips
  4. Fall Syllable Clip Cards
  5. Lowercase Geoboard Letters
  6. Pumpkin Counting Towers
  7. Pumpkin CVC BINGO
  8. Pumpkin Feelings
  9. Pumpkin Patch Word Ladders
  10. Pumpkin Patch Snap Cubes
  11. Pumpkin Pom Pom Counting
  12. Pumpkin Punch Cards
  13. Pumpkin Shape Patterns
  14. Pumpkin Shape Play Dough Cards
  15. Pumpkin Ten Frame Addition
  16. Pumpkin Upper and Lowercase Letter Match
  17. Rhyming Tractor Pull
  18. Letter Smash Play Dough Cards
  19. Spider Linking Numbers
  20. Upper and Lowercase Popsicle Stick Letters



  1. Halloween Cutting Lines
  2. Halloween Pattern Block Pictures
  3. Halloween Play Dough Cards
  4. Halloween Snap Cubes
  5. Pumpkin Time Draw Its


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