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Washer Frame for Father’s Day

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The project is courtesy of the amazing preschool teachers Ms. Stacy, Ms. Katie, and Ms. Anne Marie who have spent the last year with my son.  But this Washer Frame for Father’s Day that they made for my husband was just too cute not to share!

Washer Frame for Father's Day

This project was so simple and it seriously is the cutest thing ever.

  1.  They requested a 4×6 photo of each student and their father (or father figure or whomever.)
  2. They hot glued 4 tongue depressors together.
  3. She allowed the students to glue washers around the frame.
  4. She glued in the picture into the back of the frame.
  5. She glued some string so it could be hung.

(I would use regular glue for the kids with the washers but definitely go back and followup with some hot glue so they washers don’t fall off.)

Washer Frame for Father's Day

I made you a quick flyer so you can start collecting photos for your class.

Click here ——> Father’s Day Free Flyer (You can really use this flyer for any project.)

I also have this great Father’s Day Toolbox Book.  They are super simple to assemble and the pages on the inside will give you some funny stories for their dads.   Like all of my books like these, they come with lots of options including an easy print option with no crafting.  (It also comes with an uncle, grandpa, and other options.)

A fun toolbox book for Father's Day.

I hope every has a safe and fun summer.  And Happy Father’s Day!

Be sure to check out all of our summer articles, you will surely love 5 Things Teachers Can Do Over the Summer.

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