Back To School Favorite Things Teacher Exchange

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Sign up for the Simply Kinder Back to School Favorite Things Teacher Exchange

This is the official sign up for the Back to School “Favorite Things” Teacher Exchange 2017!

This exchange is about GIVING not receiving. 

With this project, you will mail a favorite thing/s to a teacher we partner you up with. It does not have to be your absolute favorite thing for the classroom, but just something to wish them a happy school year! It can be for the teacher personally, the classroom, or whatever you want!

What you NEED TO KNOW and DO:

– We will provide you with a teacher name and email.  The two of you will contact each other, exchange mailing addresses, and then mail each other a gift.  We will email you your teacher information A FEW DAYS AFTER SIGNING UP! Keep an eye out for it!

– You must mail them something. Like in the mail (USPS, UPS or however.) No sending digital files, please. Some sort of delivery person must be involved.  Items must be new or handmade, nothing that you had laying around your classroom and no longer use anymore.

– There is a $20 spending minimum (unless the gift is handmade). You will ADDITIONALLY have to pay to mail your gift, so be sure to calculate that cost as well when budgeting. (Priority shipping through USPS includes the box and a decent size is about $13.)  We are all adults and if anyone wants to spend more that is fine too.

– Sign ups will only be open for a short time.  They will only be open once this year.

– You may only sign up once.  Sorry, it’s just too confusing.

– PLEASE contact them AGAIN before you actually send your package. If they can no longer participate, don’t mail them anything.  We can get you a new partner who will mail to you in return.  We give you their email so you can message them and say “Hey, I am getting ready to send my box.  Just making sure you are still in.”  I know it sounds silly, but please take this extra step to avoid issues.  

– Please mail your gift by July 20th, 2017. I cannot guarantee you will get your packages by your back to school time.  I also cannot guarantee that your partner will even participate, it is your responsibility to make sure your partner is participating before you mail them anything.  Please email me if you are having any issues contacting your partner or if you never get your gift so we can investigate.

– Please allow your partner at least 48 hours to reply to your emails before you become concerned.  Not everyone is as connected on the internet we others.

– After you sign up, you may want to keep an eye on your spam folder just in case your partner’s email went to their spam. Sometimes school emails will go to spam.  Please watch for updates on partnering people in our Facebook Group.

– International Friends – Please feel free to sign up, but we can only partner you with international teachers who also sign up. For example, if you are in Canada, we will partner you up with another Canadian teacher. I truly apologize, but shipping is just too much to ship internationally.  We will email you if we have a partner for you.

– You must be a member of the Simply Kinder Facebook Group to participate. This is where we will post updates and share pictures!

– You do not have to be a kindergarten teacher to participate.

– Again – This exchange is about GIVING not receiving. 

Are you ready to sign up and join the fun?  Click below to join.


Please email with any questions.


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Simply Kinder: where teaching kinder is definitely better together!

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