Fish Friends Alphabet Game

There are so many fun learning opportunities with the movie Finding Dory that I could not resist sharing some learning ideas and making a Fish Friends Alphabet Game for you all!

Finding Nemo has always been one of my favorite movies and  so we naturally LOVE Finding Dory just as much!  There is just something about this dynamic duo that makes you happy and optimistic. And the teacher, Mr. Ray, I am convinced he is an early childhood teacher with all his fun songs that start with “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

The teacher in me watches movies and naturally thinks about all the great lessons that could be tied into it.  Here’s a few things from the movie that would make a great lesson:

  •  talking about echolocation
  • talking about rehabilitating animals
  • talking about migration of fish
  • talking about currents and undertows
  • talking about community, friendship, and family

And, of course, talking about all of the amazing animals!  Kids would love to learn about them and they are just perfect for a in-depth research unit.  And so I made one of our research units with close reads, graphic organizers, report options, and crafts that are all differentiated for your little learners.

 (Click here to see more about it.)  

Ocean Animals Research Unit

Another fun part about the movie from a teachers perspective is how accurate learning was when Dory was younger.  “Hi, I’m Dory and I have short term memory loss.”   And then when the other fish in the class started talking, I could see previous students I had for sure in this part of the movie.  Disney really captured what having a class of that age is and it really just warmed my heart.

And I just love how Nemo and Dory are everywhere right now. I was at Target and came across these two adorable fish.  These are great for my Passing on the Positive classroom management trick that will seriously get your kids to perk up all year long!


Games and centers are always so appropriate too for your little ones and so I made this FREE Fish Friends Alphabet Game that uses all of the fish from Finding Dory!  Cut out the fish (there are 26 of them), put them in a bucket of blue rice (or whatever), and have your kids find the fish and write what letter is on them.

Play this Fish Friends Alphabet Game for free from Simply Kinder!


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