Passing on the Positive

Mar 9, 2014 | Management, Teacher Wisdom | 9 comments

Classroom management is something that is ever changing and evolving.  For me I have found that my students (and I) get really bored with the same old way to recognize positive behaviors.  I often change it up… one day I will do a little this and another day I will do a little of that!
So I am here with another quick and simple management strategy you can implement right now to get your kids motivated to work hard!    All you need is an object.. I like to use fun stress balls mostly because over the years I have saved up a TON of them!
So the concept is that you take one object and pass it to the person in the class who is doing EXACTLY what you ask specifically OR on a random occurrence.  The object moves all day long!   {Pictures show multiple objects but you would use one per day!}
So I like the way that Student #1 is reading.  Please get the object of the day.
Student #2 is caught 10 minutes later doing something desirable so they hand the object to that student.
Student #3 answered a question using great thought… so Student #2 passes it to Student #3!
It keeps moving all day and the kids absolutely love it!  The student with the object at the end of the day gets a prize {in my class it’s a visit to the treasure chest.}
There is one rule for the object.. it cannot be played with. It can be held but if they cross the line of playing with it, it becomes mine.
So this idea was not mine but one I participated in during a conference I attended and let me tell you the teachers in the room were so motivated to participate to get the gift card at the end I was inspired to try with my students.
I wondered if it would work with my littles and IT DID!  All of my students instantly read louder right after I pass that silly stress ball and they don’t get upset when I give it to someone!  I wondered if they would be like.. awhhhh.. I want it and they are not!
So there is my bright idea for the Bright Ideas Blog Hop!
Next up is Christy and Tammy from Fluttering Through First Grade with a Bright Idea about helping kids bring out the best in each other!  {I’m all over that!}
Or you can hop through all of the posts… search for a Bright Idea that speaks to you below!


  1. Janine Schuster

    Do your students get angry when they have to pass the positive? I am thinking there will be some who will resist passing it on.

    • Jennifer @ Simply Kinder

      I did this strategy for two years and I can’t say that a student did not get upset once or twice for having to pass it, but that is life and that is how the game works. It was honestly never a problem though. I made sure all of my kids got to hold the object like every 2-3 days and kept a secret list to make sure every had it at the end of the day. It works so well, I promise. =)

  2. Debbie Clement

    Your blog’s ‘face-lift’ is truly GLORIOUS! It was so fun to get a sneak-peak! Seeing all the beauty on my screen just makes me smile ear-to-ear!

    YEAH you!
    Debbie Clement

  3. Molly Myers

    I LOVE this! Trying it tomorrow!! 🙂

    The Very Merry Unteacher

  4. Brianna Price

    Love this idea. I will be trying it with my kiddos this week! Thanks for sharing it.

    The Price of Teaching

  5. Jen Sykes

    I used to do the same thing using Beanie Baby stuffed animals. Such a wonderful way to pass the positive! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    Hello Mrs Sykes


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