Author Visit With Debbie Clement

I was so excited when I got a call last weekend that we had found a way to get Debbie Clement on my campus during Read Across America week!  It’s like the sun, the moon, and the stars all aligned and it happened with literally no notice!

So here is our visit in pictures!  The day was filled with songs, games, sign language, and movement from head to toe!  Completely engaging and the entire campus was stopping by to see what on earth was going on in this classroom!  {Not to mention I had at least 4 teachers and my principal tell me it was the best assembly they had ever seen and I have to agree!}


While she was there she showed me these AMAZING Wobble Seats she has!  The concept is to engage your core while sitting.  I have to tell you… with all the issues I am going through with both of my kids and developmental delays… so many times I am hearing to have them be physically active right before they are to learn something.  (Like more than a brain break!)  This chair is EXACTLY what my delayed learners need (the ones that belong to me).  So we passed the chair around the room while Debbie was here.. giving everyone a chance to sit in it and let tell you they were SO EXCITED and for the brief moment they had the chair.. they were working hard!  Ideally, I would love to have a class set of these but for now we have 1 on order to float around the room!
So if you had not noticed… Debbie and I have become good friends through this little online world we have!  She has taken me under her wing from day 1 and showed me the ropes!  So I could not pass up an opportunity one evening to drive up to Sedona to have dinner with her and do a jeep tour!  Below is our tour guide who played the part very well with his feather earring and flute (I swear it was a gun for wild javelinas LOL!)
One of the coolest things we learned on the trip for me was about the vortexes.  I live in AZ so we have heard things about people who live in Sedona… how they are a little crazy believing the things they do.   But we could not dispute the actual evidence in nature!  Check out this tree… spinning because of the energy just in the world right there in that very spot!  Crazy huh!  They were all over the place in certain areas and super cool to see!
That being said.. I do have to share this picture of Debbie.. she is going to kill me!  LOL… but this is how she was the entire trip.  That energy that she had in front of over 100 minders and 100 1st graders did not turn off when she wore normal clothes!  LOL.
So… if you ever have a chance to get Debbie to come to your school, I highly recommend it!  To do that just shoot her an email and spark a conversation with her… where there is a will there is a way!  Check out this video about the science behind what she does works!

But you don’t have to wait for all of her greatness to come to your school… because all of her music is available on Educents right now for 60% off!  It comes with songs, PowerPoints, sign language support and more!  It’s a purchase you will surely not regret!
Now head on over to Debbie’s website to see more of her visit to my school!  She is a camera crazy gal and you can see TONS of pictures from around my campus that include many amazing art projects and a peek at our Read Across America Week!
Have a great Sunday everyone!
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