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Subtraction in Kindergarten

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Teaching subtraction in Kindergarten is very tricky! Using hands-on activities and manipulatives is the best way to help students really understand what it means to take away. Looking for some fun ways to teach subtraction for your little learners?  Well this is the post for you!

Try jumping subtraction problems.
So I taped down several “number lines” down to the carpet around the room.  Then we took turns jumping subtraction problems.  Students loved getting to jump each number.
(And it’s a great precursor to jumping on a number line!)
A great followup activity would be giving the groups a page of subtraction problems and letting them take turns solving the problems on the real number line!  Great for those kinesthetic learners!
You can also do some subtraction art!  Another great way to have kids act out take away problems (and I like this one because they can take the pieces home and practice with their family!)
Students always start by creating the setting.
Then they use the manipulatives to act out the subtraction problems!
We practice and practice together and then we add in the printable.
Eventually the students get it and they don’t need the manipulatives (except for the fun!)
So the pictures shown are part of my Spring Subtraction Art Freebie which can be found in my TpT store exclusively!  It also includes a full color center you can laminate and use again and again!    And if you love that, you can also get other Subtraction Art Products here as well!
And we are linking up our Subtraction Strategies with Teaching Momster!
Be sure to stop by and get other great resources for subtraction!
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