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Presidents Day Directed Drawing Free Printable

This Presidents Day Directed Drawing is such a fun activity for your students to draw and learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; just two of the Presidents we celebrate during President’s Day! Grab it for free below or instantly inside Simply Kinder + here!

Help your students learn and write about Presidents with these directed drawings of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!

Kindergarteners love directed drawings. They are so simple: just follow the directions on the page to complete the drawing and then write about the story. We have selected two Presidents that will be perfect for a Presidents Day directed drawing! Keep reading to get your free copy! 

This resource works well with

Presidents Day Directed Drawing Printable

You can download these two free printable pages below to use in your classroom. One for George Washington and one for Abraham Lincoln. Five easy steps and students will be able to complete this Presidents Day-directed drawing on their own! This a simple, fun, and informative way to get conversations started about our US Presidents.

Even better, if you have our Endless Directed Drawing Bundle, you can grab this resource preloaded into Google and Seesaw as well! The Google version is just for the ease of assigning to your students.

The Seesaw version is REALLY cool because students can use the drawing tools to draw the presidents digitally. They will write their sentence right on the screen using the typing box or writing too and then use the recording tool to tell you about their picture and sentence. It’s lots of fun.

You can also grab this Endless bundle here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Presidents Day Easy Readers

Looking for another activity to teach students about Presidents? Grab our President’s easy reader activity! Two books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with coloring pages and simple text for kindergarteners to read. Get it here!

This free Presidents Day Directed Drawing printable can help you with your plans this month! Make sure to grab it by entering your information below. You’ll unlock the freebie (even if you’re already a subscriber). Our freebie fairy will fly that over to your inbox immediately!

Grab it for free below or instantly inside Simply Kinder + here!

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