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Leprechaun Trap Project

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In this Leprechaun Trap Project, your students will put them STEAM thinking to work to create a trap to catch a cute little leprechaun.  Make the trap at school and try to catch one in your class or send it home for the families to get involved in the fun.

So many fun activities to do for St. Patrick’s Day.  If there is one thing we know about leprechauns, it’s that they like rainbows, clouds, and gold coins.  And so why not encourage your students to create a trap and try to catch one?  

This resource works well with

What you need (suggested, of course, get creative):

  •  Rainbow Printable from Simply Kinder.
  • Crayons to color above.
  • Paper bowl.  Green if you can find them.  Not plastic because you can’t paint or glue things to it.
  • Cotton or white pom-poms.
  • Tongue depressor.
  • Gold coins.

Step 1:  The paper plates.  You will want to cut a flat line on each paper plate.  This will help the students be able to prop the plate up with the tongue depressor.  You can also paint the paper plate.  We added some sequence because leprechauns also love shiny things.

Step 2:  Print the Leprechaun Trap page and color it.  The page has the color words on it to reinforce those sight words.

Step 3:  Glue on some clouds.  We used lots of glue and white pom-poms.  You can also use cotton, which is probably more cost-effective.

Do you need the clouds?  YES, YES, YES!  The clouds for a spot for the tongue depressor to prop the bowl up.  You may also want to reinforce just the one or two in the spot where the tongue depressor will go with hot glue.

Step 4:  Prop up the bowl with a tongue depressor.  Depending on the size of your bowls, you may want to break a part of them off.

Step 5:  Add some gold coins.  We didn’t glue ours down because I want the leprechauns to steal the coins.  I don’t mind glitter in my classroom, but not in my home.  (LOL).

Free Leprechaun Trap activity to do with your class. This is a great STEM activity for kindergarten, first, and second grade students.

Since the bowl and tongue depressor are not glued down, it is super easy to send them home.  The kids should very easily be able to reassemble their traps at home.

We also added for you some pages where your students can draw the trap and write about it.

And did you see we now have St. Patrick’s Day Snap Block Centers? This is a set of fun building task mats that will have your kids counting, practicing vocabulary, and so much more! Click here to download them now.

So, what’s the point and where is the download?  There are so many important concepts here including critical thinking, constructing objects to meet a goal, rich vocabulary, and it has some great extensions for writing.  Is this a reading or math activity explicitly?  NOPE.  But I bet your students will be more inspired to read St. Patrick’s Day books and write stories during this project.

Let us send you this printable directly to your email.  Happy leprechaun catching friends!

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