Free Printable Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

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My students always enjoyed playing with teddy bear counters during centers. To tap into this love for those cute, colorful bears, I created these Teddy Bear Color Puzzles for you and your students.

Free Printable Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

This free printable will be the perfect addition to your centers this school year. They can easily be used for a quick review or as a great way to introduce colors to your students.

Teddy Bear Color Puzzles comes with 10 different color puzzles for your students.

Getting Teddy Bear Color Puzzles Ready

After printing on all puzzles on cardstock, I recommend laminating. This allows you to resume the centers for years to come.

I find it easiest to use a paper cutter to cut all of the puzzles out. Then I go back and cut the individual pieces of the puzzle out.

Free Printable Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

Doing Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

First students will lay out all of the puzzle pieces on the floor or desk.

Students will then choose a puzzle piece that has the name of a color on it. This student chose the pink puzzle piece.

Free Printable Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

Students will then sort through the rest of the puzzle pieces looking for the pink teddy bear. Once found, they will place it underneath the color word puzzle piece. It can go on either the left or right side. It does not matter.

Free Printable Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

Once there are two pink teddy bear puzzle pieces, the puzzle is complete. Students can push the completed puzzle piece to the side and start over again with a new color.

Free Printable Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

Another way that this puzzle can be complete is to have your students place all of the color word puzzle pieces on the floor. Students will then sort through the remaining puzzle pieces and place the teddy bears with the correct puzzle.

Free Printable Teddy Bear Color Puzzles

To get this freebie click on the image below.


I hope that you enjoy Teddy Bear Color Puzzles.


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