School Supply Scavenger Hunt

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The first day of Kindergarten is all about getting to know our new students and teaching them all about school. One way that I teach my students where things are located around our classroom is by doing a Classroom Supply Scavenger Hunt. It is a fun and easy activity that gets children moving and socializing while they learn where to find things around the room.

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How To Use The Classroom Supply Scavenger Hunt:


  • Classroom Scavenger Hunt Printable
  • Printer
  • Clip Boards (optional)
  • Crayons


To prepare for this activity, click on the button below to download and print the Classroom Scavenger Hunt printable.

This activity can be done during your Open House so your students can work with their family members to find all of the things on the scavenger hunt. Children also can work independently or with a partner during the first day of school to locate the supplies.

To begin this activity, students will walk around the classroom to fine where all of the school supplies are located. They will locate the extra pencils, where to put their backpacks, notebook paper, and the teacher’s desk (or another table if the teacher doesn’t have a desk.) They will also look for the pencil sharpener, where to turn in their homework folders, and clip boards. Students will search for glue, where to put their lunch or lunch money, scissors, classroom library (or specific books), and crayons too. When they fine one of the items on their scavenger hunt, they will color in the square with a crayon or other writing utensil.

During this activity, I teach my students some simple procedures like where and how to turn in their homework folders, lunch money, and other important notes. I also show my students how to use the pencil sharpener, carry scissors, and handle other school supplies.

This Classroom Supply Scavenger Hunt is a simple way for students to learn where things are located around your classroom. It is also a fun activity to get children to work together with one of their new classmates on the first day of school.

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