Glue Sponge Tips

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Glue sponge tips

Have you seen all the excitement about glue sponges? You may hear teachers say, “Best teacher hack ever!”, or, “Life changer! I’ll never go back!” Well, we’ve gathered all of the glue sponge tips up in one spot to give you the low down on how to make them for yourself and tips we have learned along the way.

glue sponge supplies

To Make The Glue Sponges

You’ll need

snap tight sandwich containers  -a shallow container is better than a small, deep container.

bottle of glue

O celo sponges – we have found that this brand works the best

Place the sponge in your shallow container. You may need to trim it some depending on the size. Pour the glue in the bottom of the container. Lay the sponge on top and pour more glue on top. Close the lid and turn them upside down for a day or two and they are ready to use. The glue will soak into the sponge.

Glue sponge tips

Once that is done they will look like a wet sponge. To use the close sponges, teach the kids to slowly dab their papers on the sponge and then stick it down.

Glue Sponge Tips

Glue sponge tips

-If your container is deep or too small, it makes it difficult to put glue on strips of paper. Also, you can fit a whole sponge in this shallow square container so you won’t have to cut sponges.

-The glue soaks down into the sponge so it really doesn’t look like there’s much glue at all. But there seems to be just enough. Teaching the kids to just press their paper on the sponge has worked for us. 

-Spray them with a mixture of mouthwash and water or a mixture of peppermint oil and water every once in a while all year to help prevent them from getting yucky.

Using glue sponges gives kids independence to use them individually or at their tables and the kids love using them!

Are they messy?

Their little fingers do not get messy when using the glue sponges. If by chance they do get a bit of glue on their fingers, have them rub those 2 fingers together and the glue disappears. When using glue sponges, there are no glue spills, accidental liquid glue caps coming off, glue puddles or lost glue stick caps!

How long do they last before drying out?

We refilled ours every couple of weeks and flipped the sponges over a couple of times a week. They never dried out.

Have you tried glue sponges in your classroom yet?


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