Halloween Costumes for Teachers: 2021 Edition

Are you looking for great Halloween costumes for teachers for 2021? Do you love a good pun? Then look no further! Keep reading to see Simply Kinder’s top costume picks for this year.

The whole month of October is such a great time of year for the students. But why should they have all the fun? We could all use something to get excited about this year. Teachers can really get into the spirit with one of these great (and “punny”) costumes!

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2021 Themed Costumes

2021 has already been quite an interesting year, am I right? Sometimes all you can do is laugh about everything and make the most of it. Here are some Halloween costumes for teachers that are perfect for 2021!

Oh “Deer”, What a Crazy Year!

Check out this adorable deer costume, because I bet we are all thinking, “Oh ‘deer’, another crazy year!” We got this costume at a local costume store, but you can grab a similar one on Amazon here:

We Just Need to “Let it Goooo!”

There is A LOT we cannot control about this school year! So this Elsa costume is the perfect way of saying we all just need to “let it go!” (Admit it, the song is stuck in your head now!) We got ours at a local costume store but you can pick one up on Amazon below.

Teachers are Superheroes!

Captain Marvel is perfect for a 2021 Teacher Halloween Costume idea because teachers are superheroes for all the work they’ve done during the pandemic. You could also do a Wonder Woman or Super Girl costume for the same concept.

There’s No Place Like Home

Remind your students that when they are not feeling 100%, “There’s no place like home!” Or maybe you are a distance teacher and want to embrace the at home theme!

Caution: Overworked Teacher on the Loose!

Maybe you need to wear this one at dismissal to keep all those cars moving in the pick-up line! It has been a HARD year for teachers. This super funny cone costume will warn others to steer clear of you when you’re overworked and overtired! Yelling out a loud “caution!” would make it even better. Grab yours here and be the highlight of the school!

Teachers Are *Magical*

This unicorn costume is seriously the cutest ever, super comfy, and will remind your students that teachers are magical! We picked this one up at a local costume store, but you can shop Amazon unicorn costumes here.

Teachers Have Pixie Dust

You can’t help but love Tinkerbell and it’s the perfect costume because we definitely need some pixie dust to get the kids on target. You could wear a green dress with leggings, and add these green fairy wings and a wand to pull off Tinkerbell in an easy way.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Looking for a simple costume to put together? Kindergarteners love the book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” A bus driver would be easy and cute!

Or Maybe the Pigeon Should Drive the Bus!

Sometimes we just want to fly South to get away from it all, maybe relax on a beach. So channel your inner bird with this cute and comfy costume! These are listed as pajamas on Amazon below so you get a double use out of them-win win!

Tell Yourself I CAN DO IT

Rosie the Riveter is such an iconic Halloween costume for teachers and a great way to declare that this year especially, “I can do it!”

#Neverforget the Great TP Shortage

Last up for a fun costume, but certainly, not least is this hilarious toilet paper costume! Let us never forget the great TP shortage from this pandemic! Here is a similar, and equally funny, toilet paper costume on Amazon.

Halloween Costumes for Teachers in Teams

Individual costumes are great, but if you and your fellow kindergarten teachers want to do a team Halloween costume, we have you covered there as well! Sometimes it’s fun to get more in the spirit by dressing alike and the kids love to see all the teachers participating together. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors-“Shoot-Not This Again!”

Rock, Paper, Scissors is so fun, something the kindergarteners probably like to play, and a reminder that we all just need to take time to play a game now and then. Especially when “shoot, we are doing this again this year!”

Emoji Takeover

Another simple way to show some Halloween spirit is to get different emoji shirts. The kids will think they’re cute and all you had to do was wear a fun shirt. Click here to see emoji shirts on Amazon.

Kindergarten team teachers go together like Milk & Cookies! This is another easy costume but a super fun way to include however many teachers are on your team. You can find the milk & cookies costume at the link below, as well as an individual cookie so you can add more coworkers.

Halloween Costumes for Teachers: Wear & Share

Halloween can be such a fun time for the students with all the built-up excitement, but wearing one of these costumes can make you shine!  Did you find a great idea for this year? We would love to see it! Post a picture of your Halloween costume for teachers in 2021 on Instagram and use #simplykinder. Make sure to join our Facebook group and share if you have any other ideas as well. Happy Halloween and happy teaching!

Looking for even more great costume ideas? Check out this article here.

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