Books about Listening and Blurting Out

Are your Kinders having trouble listening? Is blurting out a big problem in your classroom? Using books is a great way to address these topics with your students and find a way to correct these issues. Keep reading to find out what books you should add to your classroom library!

Addressing behavior in your classroom can sometimes be difficult. As teachers, turning to books that address these topics is a great way to have your students make a connection between literacy and their actions.

This activity works well with these resources:

There are many books that discuss the topics of listening and blurting out. Therefore, we have narrowed down that list to our favorites!

Books about listening & blurting out can be found below! 

Back to School Rules Book

First, Back to School Rules is a great book that spotlights a student named Percy. Percy shares with us 10 simple rules, that if followed, will make for a great school year! Similarly, if you have any uncertainties about Percy’s rules, he also shares with you what NOT to do. Get it for your classroom here:

Don't Push the Button Book

Next, we have Don’t Push the Button! This book showcases Larry the monster who is always up to something! When it comes to Larry there is only one rule, DON’T PUSH THE BUTTON! But, the big question here is, what happens if you do push the button! Above all, this book will keep your students engaged, again and again, so don’t miss out! You can find it on Amazon below.

Clark the Shark Book

Clark the Shark is one of my personal favorites! This story does a great job helping your Kinders better understand how to use their indoor voices! Clark is an energetic student who means well but needs a little bit of encouragement from his teacher to learn how to tone down his behaviors. Here is a hardcover version you can buy:

Decibella and her 6-Inch Voice Book

Next up, we have our dear friend Decibella and her 6-Inch Voice! Are your students loud talkers like Isabella? Maybe they can relate to her issue of shouting too much. In this story, Isabella, who earns the nickname Decibella, learns about the “5 volumes” of voice and when to use them in this fun story. Amazon has a great paperback version below:

Loving these books about listening & blurting out? Keep reading for more!

Don't Squeal Unless it's a BIG Deal Book

Some years does it feel like ALL of your students are experts at tattle tailing? In other words, Mrs. McNeal can definitely relate to it! Don’t Squeal Unless it’s Big Deal: A Tale of Tattletales is a great story on how to help your students learn when “squealing” on your classmates is important and when it’s really just a tattle. You’ll definitely want to grab this one for your classroom from the link below.

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen

Are you ready for your students to become better listeners? In this story, Howard B. Willglebottom Learns to Listen will help you to do just that! Harold B. Wigglebottom is here to help your students become better listeners and learn important life listens, like listening to that little voice in your head. Don’t forget, no one ever gets in trouble for too much listening! Amazon has this in hardcover or paperback!

My Mouth is a Volcano

Meet Louis! He has a big problem with interrupting, but can you blame him? I mean, everything he has to say is VERY important! My Mouth is a Volcano is a wonderful book that helps your students learn how to go from constant interrupting to waiting their turn to talk. Find it here:

Wordy Birdy Book

How cute is this book? Meet Wordy Birdy, who is an expert at talking, however, not so great at listening! Oh no! Let’s hope she learns to listen before she gets herself into danger! Check out this funny story to find out what happens to Wordy Birdy! Amazon has this for a great deal of only $7.99!

More books about listening & blurting out:

Interrupting Chicken Book

It is bedtime at Little Red Chicken’s house, but this Interrupting Chicken just can’t keep it together! No matter the story, little red chicken can’t keep it together. Now that it is her turn to tell a story, her Papa is so sleepy! Do you think she can make it through her story without Papa interrupting? Check out this great story to find out, and grab your copy below! 

Our School Day Storybook Collection Book

Our School Day Storybook Collection will be an amazing addition to your classroom library! Teachers will love these 8 short stories that are a great way to help your students make all the right choices throughout the school year. This book is also a fan favorite among substitute teachers to help remind students of their teacher’s expectations when they are not there. You can get your collection here:

A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue

Lastly, we have A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue! Meet Josh, no one seems to like him because he tattles too much! Can you blame them? He tattles on EVERYONE! As a result, one night he wakes up with a terrible case of tattle tongue! Is this what he finally needs to make a change? Be sure to check out this adorable story and find out when you get your copy here:

So many awesome books!

Wow, what a great list of resources to help your students with listening and blurting out! Most importantly, we hope this list helps make your school day run more smoothly! 

Did we miss any of your favorite listenings & blurting out books?  If so, please share with us any additional book ideas that you with us over Simply Kinder Teachers Facebook Group or tag #SimplyKinder on Instagram!

This post was written by Lindsey Ward. Lindsey is a certified teacher with many years of teaching experience and above all, a great love for all things Kindergarten and First Grade. 

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