Teacher Gift Card: If You Give a Teacher…

Did you get a teacher gift card? Or maybe you have some money from your PTO or even your admin? Teachers love to add fun activities, crafts, and materials to their classrooms all year long.  We know it can get pretty pricey.  What do you spend your hard-earned money on?  What if you were given a gift card to purchase something for your room – what would you buy?

Whether you got a gift card, some money from your PTO or administration, or are just looking to shop for your classroom we have some ideas for you. But if you only have $100 will you get the same thing if you had $500 to spend? No, so we break it down for you so you know what to get!

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Teacher Gift Card: Let’s say you have $100, you could get…

Communication Folders

  • These folders are extremely durable and will last the entire year sending back and forth with your students each day.  They also have clear pockets in the front and back to add your favorite Simply Kinder fluency practice page.

Sensory Fidget Set

  • Fidgets are all the rage and there is lots you can do with them. And they are just great for fidgeting too! We found this set that has a lot of variety.

Astrobrights Multi-Pack

  • Can you ever have enough beautiful paper?  Colorful cardstock can be used all over the classroom – creating bright centers, notes to parents and bright bulletin board accents.


  • These are great for management. You keep the button in a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer holder or in your pocket and push the button whenever you need to grab their attention. It’s magic!

Letter Beads

  • These colorful letter beads can be used to both learning and creative classroom activities.  Pair them with some rainbow elastic string (linked below) and practice letter name recognition, building words and provide opportunities for those small hands to practice their fine motor skills.

Rainbow Elastic String

  • This string can be used for crafts, fine motor practice, and making necklaces or bracelets.  The best part, unlike yarn, it won’t fray at the end frustrating you or your students.

Dry Erase Table Circles

  • These are the best and they look so good. Students will no longer need a dry erase board, they just write right on the self-adhesive mat.

Magnetic Hooks

  • Teachers are always searching for creative ways to store and display things.  You can add these hooks to your door, boards or easels.  These are also great for adding to the legs of tables or chairs to organize student materials for easy access.

Or maybe you have $250 Teacher Gift Card… yay!

Wait, you were lucky enough to get even more?   Well, if you had a teacher gift card for $250 to Amazon you could also buy…

Crayola Water Colors

  • The possibilities are endless with watercolors.  Your students will love adding watercolors to their center work, art time, writing prompts, and crafts.

Plastic Zipper Pouches

  • Are you searching for a way to store center materials?  Well, these plastic zipper bags are a great way to store centerpieces, organize classroom games, or send home with take-home centers.  

Clear Modular Storage Boxes

  • As schools and teachers move to individual supply boxes, these boxes are the perfect size for a box of crayons, a pair of scissors, a pencil, and a bottle of glue.  They can be stacked for storage and can easily move with kids throughout the day.

Marble Run

  • If you have $250, you may want to grab a Marble Run game. These are great for building thinking skills, logic, and working together. And kids LOVE them! Highly recommend.

Floor Cushions

  • Look at these fun cushions!  These floor cushions are super comfy and come in lots of colors.  You can use these as flexible seating options or a cozy library spot.

Magna Tiles

  • These are fun manipulative you can use to build letters or just objects. Great for logic, thinking, and working together. They are just SO EXPENSIVE and so if you have $250 it may be a good time to grab these.

Rolling Carts

  • With a little more money, you may want to organize things a little. We love both of these carts and know you will too.

Rainbow Photo Boxes for Centers and Whatnot

  • These are so easy to organize little games into, words into, and all sorts of things. Picking up a few of these will definitely help you to be more organized.

Fidget Chair Bands

  • Fidget chair bands are a wonderful solution for your students with bouncing feet.  They can help keep wandering minds engaged while cutting down on the noise of tapping toes.

Or maybe you got a $500 Teacher Gift Card! Lucky you!

Wait, there’s more.  If you had $500 to spend, you could also buy…


  • These benches are amazing for flexible seating.  They offer a cozy place to read a book, chat with friends or complete an activity.  If you have space for two, these would be amazing for collaborative grouping.  How cool is this?

Classroom Trampoline

  • If you have lots of money to spend, you can definitely get a trampoline. These are great for kids to take a sensory break and jump out some of their wiggles! You can also sit on it and read. Bonnie Kathryn Teaching has had one in her room forever and loves it.

Seat Sacks

We loved our Seat Sacks! I used them to group tables – each color had a different color. Students kept their journals, pencil boxes, and a book to read in them at all times. If you have $500, it might be a good time to invest in some Seat Sacks. (They will last you forever!)

Light Table

  • I have always wanted a light table in my room but never had the space. These lightboxes seem like they would be durable and practical, not taking up too much space. You can use cups on them, Magnatiles, and anything you can find that is transparent. It’s a little pricey so if you have $500 it may be a good time to grab one.

Pencil Sharpener

  • I know, you can probably get your own from the office, but having your own you don’t have to share or go to the workroom to use is SO nice. You have $500, why not.

And then, at any amount, getting books is always a good thing and there are so many to pick from.

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